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Birth Injury Case Results

Multimillion-dollar recovery — A woman from Pittsburgh who had a previous C-section and was now pregnant for a second time was planning on a vaginal delivery. Women who have a history of cesarean are at greater risk for a uterine rupture during a vaginal delivery since there is an incision on the wall of the uterus from the previous cesarean. Therefore, obstetricians need to be "on the lookout" for any sudden problems during labor since it might signal a ruptured uterus. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to this mother during labor. There was a sudden drop in the baby's heart rate, which was not discovered by the doctor. As a result, the baby was deprived of oxygen for too long a period of time and suffered severe brain damage. It turned out there was indeed a ruptured uterus. We filed a claim against the obstetrician and the hospital claiming that they should have discovered the sudden change in the baby's condition and immediately delivered the child via C-section to avoid brain injury. We obtained a multimillion-dollar award on behalf of this child, and the money was safeguarded to take care of all of his future needs. Although the child is quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound, his thinking abilities are intact.

Million-dollar award A young expectant mother from Pittsburgh's North Hills went into a Pittsburgh hospital in labor. Signs of fetal distress soon developed, but the physician in attendance delayed in doing an emergency C-section. As a result of the fetal distress and delayed delivery, this young child suffered a permanent kidney damage. We obtained a million-dollar award, which will provide financial stability for this child for the rest of her life.

Recovery in excess of a million dollars - A newborn child from Pittsburgh suffered a moderate brain injury as a result of a vacuum extractor, which was used to deliver the child during the birthing process at a Pittsburgh hospital. As a result of the brain injury, the child's coordination, memory and cognitive function were disturbed. We filed a claim arguing that the obstetrician who used the vacuum extractor and exerted far too much pressure on it, thus leading to the injury. We obtained a recovery in excess of a million dollars on behalf of this child.

Very large six-figure settlement A young pregnant woman from Aliquippa, Beaver County, was visiting her doctor regularly. Near the end of the pregnancy, there were signs that the baby had stopped growing (a condition known as IUGR) but the doctor ignored them. As a result, the baby was born with brain damage, which affected his behavior and entire body coordination. By relying on medical experts in obstetrics who said the doctor should have delivered the baby as soon as the signs of growth retardation were present, we were able to obtain a very large six-figure settlement, which was placed in trust for the benefit of the child.

Significant recovery A young expectant mother from Pittsburgh's South Hills developed an infection during pregnancy known as Listera. Her obstetrician, however, "missed" the signs of infection, and it went on to cause the death of the baby. Relying on expert witnesses in the field of infectious disease, we were able to obtain a significant recovery for this young expectant mother.

Significant six-figure award A young pregnant woman from Pittsburgh delivered a stillborn child. There were problems during the end of the pregnancy that should have been discovered by the obstetrician at a time when it would have been possible to prevent the stillbirth. Unfortunately, that did not happen. We obtained a significant six-figure award on behalf of this young woman.

Recovery in the high six figures A toddler from Erie was born with bilateral dislocations of her hips, but her pediatrician did not discover this until it was too late for the problem to be corrected. As a result, she had to undergo major surgeries that could have been avoided if the hip dislocations had been discovered sooner. A recovery in the high six figures was obtained on her behalf.

Significant six-figure recovery A newborn from Beaver County suffered a congenital heart defect, which was not discovered at birth. Had the defect been discovered, it could have been repaired, although the child's life expectancy may be shortened. We obtained a very significant six-figure recovery on behalf of his parents.

 Very significant six-figure recovery A pregnant mother from Pennsylvania reported to a hospital in Punxsutawney with contractions, but the doctor failed to appreciate that she was in labor and thought she was just having abdominal pains. He did not give medication such as Terbutalin, which could have been given to stop the labor. As a result, the woman gave birth to a premature child, which died five days later. We obtained a very significant six-figure recovery on behalf of the parents.

Very significant six-figure recovery A young pregnant woman from Altoona went to the hospital with signs suggesting that she was in labor, but she was sent home under the mistaken belief that she was just having abdominal pains. While she was at home, she started to give birth to a premature infant. She tried to rush back to the hospital, but the infant died before she could return. We filed a claim against the hospital on the ground that they should have recognized that the mother was in labor when she first came to the hospital, and she should have been admitted to the hospital and given her drugs to stop the premature labor. We obtained a very significant six-figure recovery on behalf of this woman.

Significant six-figure recovery A severely retarded boy from Washington, PA, went into the emergency room with signs and symptoms suggesting that he had an abnormal build-up of fluid in his brain. Unfortunately, the emergency room physician and the radiologist who read a CT scan of the child's brain failed to detect the excess fluid. If the fluid had been seen, it could have been safely drained. Unfortunately, that did not happen and the child died a few days later. Even though the child was already severely disabled before this incident, we obtained a significant six-figure recovery on behalf of the parents in a medical malpractice claim filed against the hospital.

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