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Brain Injury Case Results

Multimillion-dollar award — A young husband and father from Cranberry Township, Butler County, went to the ER with an excruciating headache. A CT scan of the head was done, and he was told that everything was normal. In reality, it was not normal. He had a collection of fluid, which the doctors failed to see on the CT scan until several days later. In the meantime, he suffered permanent brain damage from the build-up of pressure in his brain. If the fluid had been seen from the beginning, it could have been drained without any permanent damage. We obtained a very significant, multimillion-dollar award for the victim, his wife and children.

Multimillion-dollar recovery — A newborn from Oil City, Franklin County, suffered severe brain damage as a result of a doctor's failure to diagnose an inborn error of metabolism known as galactosemia. A test had been performed in the hospital, which showed that the child had galactosemia, but the test results were overlooked. As a result, the child was given food that he could not tolerate, and it caused permanent brain damage. After extensive litigation, we obtained a multimillion-dollar recovery on behalf of this brain-damaged child, and the money was safeguarded for his future needs.

Multimillion-dollar award — A woman from Pittsburgh who had a previous C-section and was now pregnant for a second time was planning on a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) at a Pittsburgh hospital. Women who have a history of cesarean are at greater risk for a uterine rupture during a vaginal delivery since there is an incision on the wall of the uterus from the previous cesarean. Therefore, obstetricians need to be "on the lookout" for any sudden problems during labor since it might signal a ruptured uterus. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to this mother during labor. There was a sudden drop in the baby's heart rate, which was not discovered by the doctor. As a result, the baby was deprived of oxygen for too long a period of time and suffered severe brain damage. It turned out there was indeed a ruptured uterus. We filed a claim against the obstetrician and the hospital claiming that they should have discovered the sudden change in the baby's condition and immediately delivered the child via C-section to avoid brain injury. We obtained a multimillion-dollar award on behalf of this child, and the money was safeguarded to take care of all of his future needs. Although the child is quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound, his thinking abilities are intact.

Multimillion-dollar recovery — A young man in his early 20s was driving his motorcycle on a bright and clear sunny day when suddenly a cement truck made an improper left turn into his lane of travel and crashed into the motorcycle. Because of the motorcycle accident, he suffered severe and permanent brain damage, which made him a quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound who was unable to speak and had to be fed through a tube. We obtained a multimillion-dollar recovery for the young man and his mother so that a new home could be built and 24-hour care could be provided for him.

Multimillion-dollar recovery — A young married woman from Pittsburgh was in the recovery room of a Pittsburgh hospital after undergoing a minor surgery. The nurses who were responsible for watching her failed to notice that she was not coming out of anesthesia and her breathing rate was becoming slower and slower until the point that she suffered a respiratory arrest resulting in severe brain damage. We filed a medical malpractice claim against the hospital and obtained a multimillion-dollar recovery on behalf of this woman's husband.

Multimillion-dollar recovery — A three-year-old girl from Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County, developed E. coli and a resulting brain stem stroke as a result of eating contaminated ground beef at a national fast food chain. After extensive research and with the assistance of many national experts, we were able to prove the child contracted the E. coli from the fast food restaurant. A multimillion-dollar recovery was obtained on behalf of this child who was quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound. All of the money was safeguarded for her future needs.

Multimillion Dollar Recovery for Death of a Man Who Suffered Severe Brain Damage During Cardiopulmonary Bypass for Mitral Valve Surgery - This previously healthy unmarried, 34-year-old man went into the hospital for mitral valve repair. Most mitral valve surgeries require that the patient go on cardiopulmonary bypass, using a heart-lung machine so the heart can be stopped and safely operated on. In this case, the mitral valve surgery itself was successful but, sadly, the patient did not wake up after surgery. Click here to read the expanded case details.

Significant seven-figure award — A nine-year-old boy from Uniontown, Fayette County, underwent a simple surgery to remove his tonsils, but the doctor did not perform the surgery properly and caused damage to certain blood vessels. Two days later, while at the child was at home, those blood vessels burst, and the child nearly bled to death on the kitchen floor of his home. Although the paramedics were able to save his life, he lost so much blood that he suffered permanent brain damage and is now a quadriplegic, unable to speak, and must be fed through a tube. A significant, seven-figure award — representing the maximum available insurance — was obtained for this child and placed in trust to take care of his future needs.

Recovery in excess of a million dollars - A Pittsburgh man from Brighton Heights was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk friend as they left Three Rivers Stadium after a Pirate baseball game. The drunk driver crashed the car and caused his passenger to be rendered a quadriplegic as a result of a severe brain injury. We filed a claim against the concession company at Three Rivers Stadium that sold the alcohol to the patron at the baseball game who was intoxicated. The company argued that there was no way for the people at the concession stand to know that the patron was intoxicated, but we eventually obtained a large recovery well in excess of a million dollars on behalf of this gentleman.

Significant million-dollar recovery — A recently married young woman from Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, suffered a severe stroke as a side effect from the use of birth control pills. She had been having symptoms for several months such as blurred vision, but the doctor did not discontinue the pills. In our claim against the doctor, we obtained a significant million-dollar recovery on behalf of this woman who was severely brain injured with spastic quadriplegia and the inability to speak.

Seven-figure recovery — A young man in his early 20s from Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, was recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor. During follow-up visits with his doctors, he mentioned that he was starting to experience changes in his vision, but those complaints were ignored over a period of several weeks until tragically, he was permanently blind. It turned out that his blindness was caused by pressure on the optic nerve that should have been discovered and treated when he first started to complain about vision changes. Attorney Gismondi obtained a seven-figure recovery to compensate him for suffering permanent blindness as a young, single man.

Multimillion-dollar recovery — An 18-year-old girl from Pittsburgh was driving with some girlfriends to Ohio to purchase a dress for her senior prom. Tragically, a carelessly driven car crossed the center line, crashing into the girls' vehicle. She suffered devastating head injury and brain swelling and died three days later. We filed a wrongful death claim and obtained a significant, multimillion-dollar recovery for her parents.

Significant seven-figure recovery — A young lady from Washington, Pennsylvania, was seriously injured while riding on the back of a motorcycle that was struck by a drunk driver near Washington, PA. The young lady suffered serious head injuries and facial scarring. Claims were filed against the drunk driver and the restaurant that had served him under liquor liability laws. After extensive litigation, a recovery in excess of a million dollars was obtained for this young woman.

Large six-figure settlement — A young pregnant woman from Aliquippa, Beaver County, was visiting her doctor regularly. Near the end of the pregnancy, there were signs that the baby had stopped growing (a condition known as IUGR), but the doctor ignored them. As a result, the baby was born with brain damage, which affected his behavior and entire body coordination. By relying on medical experts in obstetrics who said the doctor should have delivered the baby as soon as the signs of growth retardation were present, we were able to obtain a very large six-figure settlement, which was placed in trust for the benefit of the child.

Significant six-figure award - A toddler from Brookville, Pennsylvania, suffered a severe brain injury as a result of an air embolus that occurred during surgery. Unfortunately, the child died a few years later from unrelated causes. Nevertheless, we obtained a significant six-figure award to compensate this boy's mother for the two years of pain and suffering that he endured as a result of his serious brain damage.

Recovery in excess of a million dollars — A newborn child from Pittsburgh suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury as a result of a vacuum extractor, which was used to deliver the child during the birthing process at a Pittsburgh hospital. As a result of the brain injury, the child's coordination, memory and cognitive function were disturbed. We filed a claim arguing that the obstetrician who used the vacuum extractor had exerted far too much pressure on it, thus leading to the injury. We obtained a recovery in excess of a million dollars on behalf of this child.

Recovery in excess of $1 million — A young man from Waynesburg, Greene County, suffered serious traumatic brain injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Washington County. Although he survived, he developed many long-term problems because of the brain injury. We filed a personal injury claim against the other driver and made a recovery in excess of $1 million on his behalf.

Recovery in excess of $1 million A man from Beaver County serving in the military suffered serious brain injuries while riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle driven by another member of the military. We filed a federal tort claim against the driver of the vehicle, and we were able to avoid application of the Feres Doctrine, which usually prevents lawsuits against persons on active duty in the military by showing that this accident happened on personal leave time. We obtained a recovery in excess of $1 million as compensation for his traumatic brain injury.

Significant six-figure recovery — A young man from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit in the head with a concrete block at a home construction site. The construction block was thrown out of a window by another worker as this gentleman walked around the exterior of the house. Although he recovered to return to work after several weeks in the hospital, he is still bothered by problems of memory and concentration. We obtained a very significant six-figure recovery on his behalf.

Significant six-figure recovery — A 50-year-old man from Bridgeville suffered a serious traumatic brain injury when he fell from a Genie vertical lift. The accident was caused by an improper balancing and stability mechanism in the Genie Man Lift. We obtained a very significant, six-figure recovery for this gentleman who was unable to return to his former work because of the defective product.

High six-figure settlement - A neurologically disabled woman in her 30s died as a result of a delay in diagnosing a blockage in a brain shunt. Please click here to read the complete case summary.

An anesthesiologist from Altoona suffered a closed head injury and traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent truck driver. The injuries impaired the physician's ability to continue performing her regular work. We obtained a recovery representing the maximum insurance available from the other driver as well as additional underinsurance available under the physician's policy.

A 45-year-old wife and mother from Kane, Pennsylvania, underwent gastric bypass surgery. A few days later, her endotracheal tube came out of position and the loss of oxygen caused her permanent brain damage. She eventually died one year later from the brain damage. We filed suit against the hospital, the nurses and the doctors who were supposed to be watching the endotracheal tube, and a large award was obtained for this woman's husband and her 19-year-old daughter.

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