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Burn Case Results

Significan multimillion-dollar award - A young husband and wife from Pittsburgh suffered serious burns when a propane tank being carried in the back of their car suddenly ignited and caused a fire inside while they were driving. The propane tank had been filled just minutes earlier at a convenience store. We filed a claim against the convenience store and were able to prove that the fire occurred because the propane tank had been overfilled. We obtained a significant multimillion-dollar recovery on their behalf.

Multimillion-dollar award - A 44-year-old man from Baldwin, Allegheny County, was riding his motorcycle on a beautiful clear day. While stopped at a red light, a coal truck struck him from behind and caused his bike to burst into flames. The motorcycle driver suffered serious burns to his buttocks and lower legs. One of his legs was burned so bad that it had to be amputated. He spent more than a year getting burn treatment at Mercy Hospital. We obtained a very significant multimillion-dollar award for this very seriously injured man.

Multimillion-dollar award - A five-month-old baby was undergoing liver surgery at a hospital in Pittsburgh when a "grounding pad" was placed on the baby's thigh to be used in conjunction with an electric scalpel. However, the nurses placed the grounding pad incorrectly and did not observe it properly during the surgery. As a result, the baby suffered a third-degree burn on her thigh and three days later had her leg amputated at the hip. A medical malpractice claim was filed against the hospital and a products liability claim was filed against the company that manufactured the grounding pad because they knew that the pad had caused burns in the past and did not adequately warn people how to safely use it. We obtained a multimillion-dollar award for this child.

Multi-million Dollar Recovery for a steamfitter working for an outside contractor assigned to a U.S. Steel plant in the Pittsburgh area suffered serious burns to his face, hands and lower body as a result of a gas explosion inside the plant.  Click here to read the full case summary.

Excess of a million dollars - A traveling salesman from Pittsburgh suffered serious burns when a propane tank on a travel trailer exploded. We filed a claim against the company that sold the trailer on the ground that they had inadequate warnings about how to guard against leaks in the propane system. A significant recovery in excess of a million dollars was obtained on behalf of this gentleman.

Significant six-figure settlement - A 70-year-old retiree from Butler, PA, suffered a serious chemical burn to his hand while he was a patient at a hospital in Shadyside. An IV line containing the chemical was placed incorrectly, and it caused the chemical to burn the skin. In addition to having permanent scars, the function of his hand never returned to normal. A significant six-figure settlement award was obtained for him as a result of the medical malpractice claim we filed.

Six-figure award - A Greensburg, Pennsylvania, child with severe brain damage was taken to a Pittsburgh hospital to be treated for dehydration. An IV was started to give him fluids and certain chemicals, but unfortunately, the IV needle was placed incorrectly and it caused the chemicals to burn the skin of this child's foot. Therefore, he was required to undergo debridement and skin grafting. Although the child already had severe brain damage, this additional injury caused him considerable pain and also left scarring on his foot. We filed a medical malpractice claim, and a six-figure award was obtained, which enabled the parents to provide for many of the daily needs they were otherwise unable to afford for the child.

Six-figure recovery - A construction worker from Washington, Pennsylvania, suffered burns to his arms and hands due to a flash fire that occurred when gas leaked from a chainsaw that he was using while working on a bridge. We filed a claim against the manufacturer of the chainsaw and were able to prove that the gas cap was not designed properly to prevent leaks. We obtained a six-figure recovery on behalf of this man.

Significant six-figure recovery - A young boy from Uniontown, Fayette County, suffered a burn to his leg during surgery at a Pittsburgh hospital. The surgery was being done to fix a leg fracture that happened in a bicycle accident. We filed a claim against the hospital on the ground that the electric pad was not placed properly during the surgery nor was it watched closely enough to prevent a burn from occurring. We obtained a significant six-figure recovery on behalf of this child.

Significant six-figure award - A mentally challenged elderly man suffered severe burns to his legs when he was left in a bathtub of hot water at a community living facility. Gismondi & Associates filed a personal injury claim against the operators of the residence on the ground that their staff did not properly monitor this man and never should have left him alone. Even though he was elderly, unemployed and had no immediate family members, we obtained a significant six-figure award on behalf of his estate.

Significant six-figure award - An elderly woman who was a resident of a personal care home died as a result of burns she received after wandering away from her room and falling next to a radiator where she was discovered hours later. We filed a personal injury claim against the owners of the nursing home on the ground that they should have been supervising this woman much more closely since she had a known habit of wandering away from her home. We obtain a significant six-figure award on behalf of her family.

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