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Medical Malpractice Case Results

Medical and surgical mistakes cause injury or death to thousands of people each year in our region. Those mistakes should not happen, and when they do, the patients and families who have been hurt are entitled to be fully compensated for all of the harm they suffer, be it physical, emotional or economic. Our firm works hard to secure those families the compensation they deserve.

The following is a small sample of the hundreds of families we have helped:

We obtained a multi-million dollar recovery on behalf of a child born with severe brain damage as a result of the negligence of an obstetrician and hospital. A woman from Pittsburgh who had a previous C-section and was now pregnant for a second time was planning on a vaginal birth, which put her at a greater risk for a uterine rupture due to an existing incision on the wall of the uterus from the previous Cesarean. During labor, there was a sudden drop in the baby's heart rate which was not discovered by the doctor resulting in depravation of oxygen and severe brain damage. We obtained a multiple seven-figure recovery on behalf of this child, and the money was safe-guarded to take care of all of his future needs.

We recovered a seven-figure award on behalf of a man who was rendered impotent when a physician performed unnecessary surgery on his prostate. The man, a professional from Pittsburgh, underwent a prostate biopsy and was misdiagnosed with prostate cancer, necessitating surgery. He underwent the surgery which, unfortunately, made him impotent. Ten days later, the man was told the hospital made a mistake and had switched his biopsy specimen with that of another patient. The man never had cancer, and underwent life-changing and unnecessary surgery due to the negligence of the hospital. Our firm was able to secure a large seven-figure recovery for this man.

On behalf of a five-month old baby that suffered third-degree burns and ultimately amputation due to hospital and manufacturer negligence, our firm was able to secure a very sizable seven-figure recovery. The baby was undergoing liver surgery at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh when a "grounding pad" was placed on the baby's thigh to be used in conjunction with an electric scalpel. However, the nurses placed the grounding pad incorrectly and did not observe it properly during the surgery. As a result, the baby suffered a third-degree burn on its thigh and three days later had her leg amputated at the hip. A claim was filed against the hospital and also against the company which manufactured the grounding pad because they knew that the pad had caused burns in the past and did not adequately warn people how to safely use it. We obtained a significant recovery for this child.

We obtained a multi-million dollar award for a young husband and father from Cranberry Township, Butler County who suffered brain damage due to a misdiagnosis. The man went to the ER at UPMC Passavant Hospital with an excruciating headache. A CT scan of the head was done, and he was told that everything was normal. In reality, it was not normal. He had a collection of fluid which the doctors failed to see on the CT scan until several days later. In the meantime, he suffered permanent brain damage from the build-up of pressure in his brain. If the fluid had been seen from the beginning, it could have been drained without any permanent brain damage. We obtained a very significant, multi-million dollar award for the man, his wife and children.

We secured a multi-million dollar recovery for a school teacher from Bethel Park who suffered a devastating stroke when she was mistakenly given the wrong drug in the emergency room at St. Clair Hospital. The patient was supposed to be given a drug to lower her blood pressure, but instead, she was given a medication which raised her pressure. As a result, she suffered a stroke which left her unable to work and with a severe speech and movement impairment.

This is only a small sample of our firm's success in obtaining justice for those hurt by medical malpractice. To see more case results, please select from the following subject-matter topics:

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