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Pregnancy Injury Case Results

Multimillion-dollar recovery A young expectant mother from Cranberry, Butler County, developed severe pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, and she was put in a Pittsburgh hospital at 32 weeks' gestation. Unfortunately, she was sent home after a few days rather than being kept in the hospital, and within a matter of days, she suffered a placental abruption with significant bleeding. Although the baby survived, the extensive bleeding caused permanent damage to the mother's kidney to the point that she required a kidney transplant. We filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the obstetrician on the ground that the mother should have been kept in the hospital to prevent bleeding or to treat it more quickly if it happened. We obtained a multimillion-dollar recovery on this woman's behalf. Read more about the case here.

Recovery in excess of $1 million A young woman from Greensburg, Westmoreland County, died from an infection known as Clostridium difficile, which developed shortly after the delivery of her second child. The mother had returned to her obstetrician's office a few days after delivery with various complaints indicating that she may have a uterine infection, but the doctor delayed in putting her in the hospital and giving her antibiotics. As a result, by the time she presented to the emergency room, she was near death and no treatment could save her. We filed a wrongful death claim against the doctor for not hospitalizing the patient and providing necessary antibiotic treatment. We received a recovery in excess of $1 million for the husband and surviving children of this young woman.

Recovery in excess of a million dollars A married mother of two from Pittsburgh suffered serious bleeding during a hysterectomy. The bleeding was so severe that she died from it. The hospital argued that part of the reason the patient died is that she was a Jehovah Witness and would not accept a blood transfusion, but we successfully argued a surgical error caused the bleeding in the first place. A recovery in excess of a million dollars was obtained on behalf of the husband and two children.

Large million-dollar award - Following the delivery of her child, a woman from northern Pennsylvania began developing blood clots in her leg (the medical term is deep venous thrombosis). Her obstetrician did not give her proper blood-thinning medication and, as a result, one of the clots in the leg broke off and caused a fatal pulmonary embolus. A significant million-dollar award was obtained for the widow of this woman and her young child.

Significant six-figure recovery A young expectant mother from Pittsburgh's South Hills developed an infection during pregnancy known as Listera. Her obstetrician, however, "missed" the signs of infection, and it went on to cause the death of the baby. Relying on expert witnesses in the field of infectious disease, we were able to obtain a significant six-figure recovery for this young expectant mother.

Very significant six-figure recovery A young pregnant woman from Altoona went to the hospital with signs suggesting that she was in labor, but she was sent home under the mistaken belief that she was just having abdominal pains. While she was at home, she started to give birth to a premature infant. She tried to rush back to the hospital, but the infant died before she could return. We filed a claim against the hospital on the ground that they should have recognized that the mother was in labor when she first came to the hospital, and she should have been admitted to the hospital and given her drugs to stop the premature labor. We obtained a very significant six-figure recovery on behalf of this woman.

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