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Prostate Cancer Case Result

Failure To Detect Elevated PSA

A seven-figure recovery for an Allegheny County man whose doctor failed to detect an elevated PSA result, thereby leading to a long delay in diagnosing prostate cancer. Although the man is still alive, his life expectancy was shortened.

In men over the age of 50, a lab test is often run to check for a "marker" for prostate cancer called PSA. The conventional thinking is those who have elevated PSA values are at greater risk for development of prostate cancer and, therefore, when a patient's test is elevated, he should be referred for treatment by a specialist. For most men over the age of 50, PSAs are taken in conjunction with annual physicals. In this case, the doctor was taking PSA tests, but when one of the PSA results came back and was very elevated, the doctor apparently did not see it. As a result, more than a year went by before he took another test and saw those results and referred the patient to a specialist who diagnosed him with prostate cancer. We claimed that the delay of over a year in noticing the previous PSA level led to a delay in diagnosing this man's prostate cancer and that this delay would ultimately increase the chances that he could die from prostate cancer.

Compounding the problems for the doctor in this case was evidence that indicated he deliberately changed his records to cover up the fact that he had "missed" the earlier PSA result. Any time, there is an indication that a doctor has changed the patient's records, it creates a real problem for them at trial. Not surprising, juries do not like physicians who "doctor" their records.

While this patient was still alive as of the end of the case, our argument was that his life expectancy was certainly shortened as a result of the delay in diagnosing his prostate cancer. He was in his mid-60s but still had a profitable business that he owned but ended up having to sell it because of his medical condition. Therefore, our claim for damages in the case included not only a shortened life expectancy but also some lost future earnings.

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