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Radiology Case Results

Multi-million dollar recovery for failure to diagnose fluid build up in brain. A young husband and father from Cranberry Township, Butler County went to the ER at UPMC Passavant Hospital with an excruciating headache. A CT scan of the head was done, and he was told that everything was normal. In reality, it was not normal. He had a collection of fluid which the doctors failed to see on the CT scan until several days later. In the meantime, he suffered permanent brain damage from the build-up of pressure in his brain. If the fluid had been seen from the beginning, it could have been drained without any permanent brain damage. We obtained a very significant, multi-million dollar award for Jim, his wife and children.

Significant seven-figure recovery for paraplegic retiree. Robert, a retiree from Shaler, went into the ER at UPMC Passavant after falling at home and hitting his head. An x-ray and CT scan was taken of his neck in the emergency room, and he was told everything was fine and sent home. Within a few hours of leaving the hospital, Robert was a paraplegic. The doctors in the ER had failed to see that he had an unstable fracture of his cervical spine, and by permitting him to walk out of the hospital, the fracture shifted and caused a permanent spinal cord injury. Rob's wife had to quit her job, and she now takes care of her husband at home on a full-time basis as he lives in his wheelchair. We obtained a recovery well in excess of a million dollars for Bob and his wife.

Award in excess of one million dollars for delay in diagnosing lung cancer. A 54-year-old nurse from Uniontown, Fayette County, experienced a two-year delay in diagnosing lung cancer because a radiologist at a hospital in Connellsville, Fayette County, "missed" an obvious spot on her lung that should have been seen on a CT scan. Because of the delay, what started out as a small tumor that could have been successfully treated turned into something that could not be cured. The patient endured months and months of very agonizing chemotherapy but eventually lost her battle with cancer. We proved that the radiologist should have seen the cancer. We proved that the radiologist should have seen the cancer in the beginning, and we were able to obtain an award in excess of a million dollars for the nurse's two adult daughters.

Multi-million dollar settlement for a 64-year-old Blair County man who became paralyzed as a result of a delay in diagnosing and removing a hematoma which was pressing on his spinal cord. This man came to the emergency room with complaints of sudden pain in his back and right flank. An MRI of the spine was done, but the radiologist who read it "missed" the hematoma which should have been visible. Several hours later the man started to complain that he was having trouble moving one of his legs, a critical sign that should have triggered another immediate MRI. Instead, more than 12 hours went by before another MRI was ordered. The hospital staff eventually discovered the hematoma pressing on the cord and arranged surgery to remove it, but by that time the man had lost permanent function in his legs. Click here to read more about this case.

Seven-figure recovery for a Pittsburgh resident in his late 50s who died as a result of a delay in diagnosing lung cancer. The cancer was first "missed" on a CT scan done in early 2012 at a private hospital, and then in 2013 at a Veterans Hospital in the Pittsburgh area. The patient had a chest x-ray which was suspicious for possible cancer, and it was recommended that a CT scan be performed, but someone at the hospital "dropped the ball," and the CT was never scheduled until more than a year later. By that time, the tumor had doubled in size. To read the full case summary, click here.

Million dollar recovery for failure to treat lung cancer. A retired man from Erie had a routine chest x-ray done before entering the hospital for surgery on his leg. The chest x-ray showed suspicious signs that he might have lung cancer, but his doctor never read the report of the x-ray results and, as a result, the man was never referred for further investigation of the nodule in his lung. Another two years passed by before anyone investigated the nodule. It was found to be cancerous, but by that time, it was too late for successful treatment, and the man died approximately one year later. We filed a wrongful death and medical malpractice claim and obtained a significant award of approximately one million dollars on behalf of this man's widow.

A million dollar recovery for an Erie husband and father who experienced a ruptured esophagus. The rupture was demonstrated on a chest x-ray, but the doctor did not see it. As a result, gastric chemicals, which are very corrosive and irritating, leaked into the patient's chest for more than a day and caused significant damage to internal tissue. The patient eventually suffered a rupture aorta which had to be repaired on an emergency basis. Although he survived the ordeal, this man underwent several surgeries of a life-threatening nature, and he was in the hospital for almost four consecutive months. He now suffers from chronic fatigue and pain in his torso from the multiple surgeries. Click here to read the full case summary.

High six-figure recovery for failure to detect excess brain fluid in young boy. A severely mentally disabled boy from Washington, PA, went into the Emergency Room at Washington Hospital with signs and symptoms suggesting that he had an abnormal build up of fluid on his brain. Unfortunately, the Emergency Room physician and the radiologist who read a CT scan of the child's brain failed to detect the excess fluid. If the fluid had been seen, it could have been safely drained. Unfortunately, that did not happen and the child died a few days later. Even though the child was already severely disable before this incident, we obtained a significant six-figure recovery on behalf of the parents in a medical malpracticeclaim filed against the hospital.

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