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Wrong Site Surgery

Million-plus recovery for improper prostate surgery - A retired man from Altoona was mistakenly told that he had prostate cancer and underwent surgery for that "cancer" and ended up impotent. It turns out that the man did not have cancer, and the mistake occurred because the hospital mixed up a sample of his prostate with that of another patient. If the mix-up had not occurred, the man would have never undergone the surgery for cancer that he never had. As a result of our medical malpractice claim, we obtained a significant recovery in excess of a million dollars on behalf of this man and his wife.

Large seven-figure recovery for improper surgery causing impotence - A professional man from Pittsburgh underwent a prostate biopsy and was told that he had prostate cancer and needed surgery. He underwent the surgery which, unfortunately, made him impotent. Ten days after surgery, he was told that the hospital had made a mistake and had mixed up his biopsy specimen with that of another patient, and that he never had cancer! Because of the needless surgery, the patient was made impotent for life. We filed a medical malpractice claim and obtained a large seven-figure recovery for this unfortunate man.

Significant six-figure recovery for unnecessary mastectomy - An elderly woman from Beaver County went into the hospital to have a mastectomy for breast cancer. Due to a series of mistakes by the nurses and doctors, the surgeon removed the wrong breast. Although this did not affect the woman's recovery and prognosis from the breast cancer, we filed a medical malpractice claim and obtained a very large six-figure award for the trauma of her having an unnecessary mastectomy.

Large six-figure award for improper lumbar disk removal - A 49-year-old man from Penn Hills went into Presbyterian University Hospital for lumbar disk surgery, and somehow the wrong disk was removed. He had to undergo two additional surgeries and as a result of those extra operations, he suffered nerve damage which left his with chronic pain in his back and abdomen as well as his right leg. A large six-figure award was obtained against the hospital and the responsible doctors as a result of the medical malpractice claim that we filed.

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