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February 2014 Archives

Parents say pet store was negligent in selling infected rat

It is unlikely that many people in Pittsburgh know of anyone who has had rat-bite fever, a condition that is most often contracted by handling infected rats and other rodents. Typically, a person must be scratched or bitten by the rat, but anyone can contract the condition just by consuming something with the streptobacillus moniliformis bacteria in it. Fortunately, most people who become infected are fine after a round of antibiotics, but the condition can be fatal.

Proposed birth injury fund in Maryland draws support, criticism

Expectant Pennsylvania parents typically await the arrival of their children with great joy. The birth process itself is part of the anticipation with many mothers focused heavily on a beautiful experience when bringing their babies into the world. While many times these dreams are able to become realities, other times very different realities emerge. Birth injuries can and do happen and they have the power to render what would otherwise have been healthy babies seriously injured.

Medical school graduate's death disputed by hospital

Medical errors happen around the country and in Pennsylvania on a daily basis. They can range from errors with medications, problems during or after a surgery, a failure to diagnose a problem correctly or more. No matter the nature of any errors, the results can leave victims with life-long medical conditions. In extreme cases, fatalities result from cases of medical negligence and families are forced to deal with the permanent loss of their loved ones.

Vigilance required when dealing with brain trauma

The world of personal injury is extremely broad with a great number of types of injuries that can be sustained. Whether from a motor vehicle accident, a slip-and-fall, a medical mistake or something else, the result of such injuries can leave Pennsylvania victims needing long-term care and facing high medical expenses, often due to a permanent disability. In the world of medical malpractice, some common injuries can include brain trauma, birth injuries, surgical errors and more.

Wrongful death case possible after Pittsburgh area hit-and-run

Accidents can happen at any time of the day or night. Some drivers might assume that less vigilance is needed in the early morning hours because of the assumption that fewer pedestrians are out. However, a recent accident in the Pittsburgh area underscores the importance of watching for pedestrians at all times. For the family of the victim of the accident, filing a wrongful death case may help them cope with the expenses stemming from their loved one's death.

Brain-injured girl receives large settlement from birth injury

Medical errors are one of the most potentially frightening events that a person could ensure. When seeking medical care, Pennsylvania residents put their lives in the hands of others, trusting in the quality and effectiveness of the treatment and attention they will receive. For pregnant mothers, the issue can be even more complicated as concerns for their as-yet unborn children take precedence. Birth injuries are among the most devastating experiences for parents and can leave newborn babies in need of long-term care due to serious injuries or various forms of permanent disability.

Jimmy John's 'freaky fast' delivery may have cost man his life

About an hour's south of Pittsburgh and just across the border, a woman has filed a lawsuit against the national sandwich chain Jimmy John's. The reason behind the lawsuit goes back to mid August when the woman's father was walking his dog near his home in Morgantown. He was crossing the street and only a few blocks from home when a Jimmy John's delivery driver struck and killed him.

Infant receives overdose of meningitis medication in hospital

Most parents want nothing more than to have a happy, healthy child. If their child becomes ill or is born with a serious medical condition, they rely on healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat the problem. Unfortunately, mistakes can occur on a number of different levels—from delayed diagnosis to failure to read a doctor’s handwriting to a negligent pharmacist making a dosage mistake. The only thing more heart-wrenching than knowing that your child will be disabled for the rest of his or her life because of a dosage error is a fatal error.

Doctors face $900,000 lawsuit for delayed diagnosis of cancer

Breast cancer has one of the highest survival rates of any type of cancer. Still, early detection is necessary to increase the chances of survival. Women in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in the United States are urged to get mammograms on an annual basis after the age of 40; experts recommend that others with a history of cancer in the family get them sooner. Even if women follow these guidelines and get mammograms regularly, it is still possible that a negligent doctor might fail to detect the disease.

John Gismondi secures $1.8 million for victim of failed diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome

John Gismondi of the Law Offices of Gismondi & Associates has secured more than $1.8 million for a man who claimed his emergency room physician from Forbes Regional Hospital failed to diagnose him with cauda equina syndrome, otherwise known as "horse's tail" syndrome. The trial was overseen by Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County Judge Michael A. Della Vecchia; docket # GD 12-17566, Allegheny County.

Technology leveraged in hospital efforts to increase safety

Medical errors are noted to be one of the top three causes of death around the country. The nature of such errors can range dramatically from mistakes made during surgeries, missed or incorrect diagnoses, failure to provide proper treatment and more, putting residents in Pennsylvania at risk every day. Medication errors are also among the list of the most common problems that occur and result in serious injury or even death.

Concern for patient safety highlighted

Medical errors have been the subject of many news headlines since recent data now shows such instances to be a leading cause of death nationwide. Patients in Pennsylvania are at risk of injury or death when seeking medical care on a daily basis. Problems can arise in any situation and for parents birth injuries can be extremely traumatic as their newborn babies can be left with permanent disability, brain injury and more as the result of actions by a negligent doctor or negligent nurse.

Pennsylvania man's recovery highlights cost, time of healing

This week, we are covering the story of a 21-year-old man from a small town in south-central Pennsylvania. The young man was in a serious car accident at the end of November and he is still recovering from his injuries. Though he was the driver in a single-vehicle accident, the injuries he suffered, the medical debt he has accrued and the time it has taken to recover are all similar to those of victims in car accidents caused by negligent drivers. While this young man likely cannot file a personal injury lawsuit, anyone who is hurt by another driver likely can.

Shortened life span may be result for brain injury victims

The impact of a traumatic brain injury is something that all Pennsylvania residents should be aware of. Brain trauma can result from many different situations including sports injuries, car accidents or falls that happen at work, when recreating and in other situations. The need to seek proper and prompt treatment for any form of brain injury is paramount to the long-term health of the victim.

Pennsylvania receives C+ grade for emergency care

Residents in Pennsylvania look to the state’s hospital system for scheduled and emergency care in times of need. Knowing that the right care is available and proper treatment will be dispensed is something that each person should be able to trust in. However, problems can occur, turning patients into victims. Whether it is understaffed hospitals and long waiting times or a doctor’s failure to diagnose a problem correctly or at all, the possible consequences can be serious and long-lasting.

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