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Aviation Accidents Archives

What options are available following an aviation accident?

Aviation accidents can be catastrophic for victims and their families and may leave victims and their families wondering what resources are available to them following an aviation accident. Depending on the circumstances of the aviation accident, and the cause of the aviation accident, different parties may be liable to compensate victims for the damages they have suffered.

The basics of aviation accidents

Even with thousands of flights and millions of Americans flying daily, air travel is considered among one of the safest methods of transportation. Although we often hear about serious plane crashes occurring across the world, often taking the lives of hundreds of passengers at a time, these accidents are quite rare. Smaller planes are not immune to accidents either, although many are not reported and do not make national or even local headlines. This doesn't mean that such non-commercial small aircraft accidents don't lead to injuries or fatalities as well.

Four killed, one injured in tragic airplane crash

Airplanes, both large and small, are a very safe mode of travel and transport in Pennsylvania. Highly trained pilots routinely carry passengers throughout the Keystone State and to points beyond without incident. Unfortunately, though, injurious and even deadly plane accidents do happen, and their relative rarity is no consolation to those whose lives have been forever changed by them.

Potential causes behind aviation accidents, injuries

For many Pennsylvanians, fear of flying is a genuine fear. It is the loss of control, the fear of heights and the slight possibility that something could go terribly wrong that scare people the most. For some, this fear becomes a reality. We do not want to add fuel to the fire, but the truth is that plane crashes can occur.

Aviation accidents can leave loved ones questioning sudden death

Many people in Allegheny County have the fear of flight. Whether this fear is rooted in a fear of heights, claustrophobia or a relinquishing of control, many people have a fear of flying. Most people's fears are unwarranted as most flights go off without a hitch. However, there is a small percentage of flights that result in aviation accidents and ultimately serious injury or even the death of a loved one.

We represent victims of aviation accidents

Aviation accidents are rare. For the most part, Pittsburgh residents who travel by air may live their entire lives without ever being involved in aircraft-based accidents. Unlike car accidents which affect many Pennsylvania drivers each and every year, aviation accidents are unusual in this age of modern flight.

Civil claims can result from aviation accidents

Not all aviation accidents involve large commercial aircrafts. In fact, many aviation accidents occur when small aircrafts experience operational or pilot errors. Pittsburgh residents can suffer significant injuries and even death when they are involved in aircraft collisions and crashes on small commuter or recreational airplanes.

Gathering evidence in Pennsylvania aviation accidents

Air travel has made life easier for millions of people all across the country. Pittsburgh residents rely on airplanes to get them safely from one place to another more quickly than any other form of transportation. While flying is generally safe, plane accidents can unfortunately occur, whether it be a small private plane or a large commercial aircraft. If you suffer an injury or lose a loved one in a plane crash, you may be able to file a lawsuit against those responsible for your suffering.

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