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Posts tagged "misdiagnosed cancer"

Daughter receives largest malpractice award in state this year

With the recent publication of statistics indicating that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, concerns about becoming victims of malpractice are logical among Pennsylvania residents. Such errors can take many forms and involve medications, surgeries and more. The failure to diagnose cancer when evident in early stages is another all-too common cause of injury or death to patients.

Wrongful death cases mount against veterans hospital

Pennsylvania residents should be able to seek medical care and know that they can trust those who deliver the care. Sadly, however, the risk of a medical error always exists. Cases of malpractice can sometimes be easily remedied but other times can lead to very serious consequences and even the death of a patient. In the case of a misdiagnosed cancer or some other failure to diagnose a problem, a worsened condition can cause undue pain and challenges for patients and family members.

Payouts rise in medical malpractice cases in 2013

Residents in Pennsylvania, as with those around the nation, must rely upon medical professionals to provide accurate, ethical treatment and care every day. While warranted much if not most of the time, the reality of medical errors does in fact also exist. After a failure to diagnose, a surgical error or some other act, the spread of disease, a worsened condition or even death can ensue. This can often leave patients or their loved ones looking for help.

Pennsylvania receives C+ grade for emergency care

Residents in Pennsylvania look to the state’s hospital system for scheduled and emergency care in times of need. Knowing that the right care is available and proper treatment will be dispensed is something that each person should be able to trust in. However, problems can occur, turning patients into victims. Whether it is understaffed hospitals and long waiting times or a doctor’s failure to diagnose a problem correctly or at all, the possible consequences can be serious and long-lasting.

Teaching Methods changed to prevent more medical misdiagnosis

In a past post, we discussed how better patient-doctor communication in Pittsburgh can help prevent misdiagnosed cancer and other serious ailments. For instance, patients are encouraged to ask physicians why they arrived at a particular diagnosis and also if there is a possibility that the problem could be something else. Doctors are also being trained to better assess situations and complete more thorough exams.

Lawsuit alleges biopsy could have prevented misdiagnosed cancer

Every day, physicians in Pennsylvania and every other state are trusted by patients to decide what tests are necessarily to make an accurate cancer diagnosis. They have to weigh the time and expense of medical tests with the probability of accurately diagnosing their patients without those tests. If they make the wrong decision, failure to diagnose cancer can have devastating effects for everyone involved.

Doctor faces 20 years in jail for chemotherapy scheme

Being diagnosed with cancer is a life-changing event that brings with it anxiety, depression and many adverse health effects. While cancer may often be treated with surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments, the disease takes a toll on the body that is difficult to recover from. When a patient in Pennsylvania visits their doctor, they place their trust in them regarding their diagnosis and any treatments they are eligible for. A misdiagnosed cancer may lead to harmful treatments that were not necessary for a person to undergo.

Misdiagnosed cancer sends woman into depression after treatment

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects many people in Pennsylvania and throughout the world. Even with a good prognosis from doctors, treatments may be hard on the body and cause serious stress and anxiety to the person and their family members. Although chemotherapy has been proven to be effective at treating some types of cancer, it is also known for causing side effects that create discomfort and pain in the patient. A misdiagnosed cancer may cause the patient to undergo treatments that are unnecessary, and may have far-reaching effects throughout the life of the person.

Diagnosis errors found in large percentage of studied cases

When a person seeks the help of a physician, they expect the best care, and doctors have taken an oath to provide the appropriate treatment for each individual situation. This is especially important in cases where time is of the essence, and receiving the proper treatment in a timely manner can mean the difference between life and death for a patient. If the patient suffers from a misdiagnosed cancer and the problem is not discovered quickly, the disfigured cells are then allowed to grow and spread throughout the body until it may be impossible to save the person.

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