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The cost of living with a spinal cord injury

The injuries a person can suffer in a car wreck can vary in severity. For instance, in a minor fender-bender an individual may escape with no injuries whatsoever. However, in a high-speed rear-end collision a driver may suffer from whiplash or broken bones. In the worst cases, outside of fatal accidents, victims suffer serious spinal cord injuries or a traumatic brain injury. Recovering from these injuries can be physically challenging, and in some cases a full recovery is impossible. As if this isn't enough to dishearten a severely injured individual, the truth of the matter is that these victims also face devastating financial losses as well.

The costs associated with a spinal cord injury can be significant. An individual who suffers from high tetraplegia can expect to spend more than $1 million in the first year following the accident, and up to nearly $185,000 each year after that. Even less severe spinal cord injuries, such as those that leave an individual with incomplete motor functioning at a lower level, can result in more than $300,000 in losses the first year, and more than $40,000 each subsequent year.

Modification of wrongful death compensatory awards

Suddenly and unexpectedly losing a loved one can throw your world into chaos. Such a loss can be utterly devastating to your emotions, especially when the accident that caused the death was wholly preventable. This is often seen in instances of distracted driving, drunk driving and medical malpractice. In addition to having to cope with the emotional pain and suffering experienced in the aftermath of a fatal accident, surviving family members must also find a way to recoup their economic damages, which can include anything from medical expenses, lost wages and funeral costs. Fortunately, a successful wrongful death claim may lead to the recovery of compensation that can help alleviate these financial strains.

Yet, even if Pittsburgh residents succeed on a wrongful death claim, they need to be prepared to make convincing legal arguments as to the proper amount of damages that should be awarded. After all, even if a jury buys into a plaintiff's story with regard to damages, the judge has the right to modify the award, either increasing it or decreasing it. For example, an award may be decreased if evidence demonstrated that the deceased individual had low earnings, even though that individual had a lot of earnings potential.

The right approach in the aftermath of a truck accident

A previous post here discussed some of the dangers posed by truckers and the massive vehicles they drive. Although state and federal regulations aim to curtail the risks potentially posed by negligent acts and omissions from truckers and truck companies, the truth of the matter is that truck accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate. For those who find themselves injured in these wrecks, the aftermath can be a tragic time in their lives. After all, they may have to find a way to cope with extensive pain and suffering, as well as recoup compensation for their economic losses, such as unexpected medical expenses and lost wages.

In an attempt to recover what they are owed, many Pennsylvania residents who find themselves in this situation do their best to get more information about their legal options. At our law firm, we work with our clients to assess a case's strengths and weaknesses. We will utilize the trial rules and the rules of evidence to our advantage, hopefully leaving our clients well positioned during both settlement negotiations and litigation.

Pennsylvania residents injured by negligent drivers take action

In a previous post here we discussed how distracted driving is becoming more prevalent across Pennsylvania. Primarily, motorists are engaging their mobile devices more frequently while behind the wheel, whether that means texting and driving, checking email or perusing social media. Yet, there are a number of other ways in which drivers can be distracted. They may be eating while driving, engaging in an in-depth or perhaps heated discussion with a passenger or they may be looking for something in their glovebox or floorboard.

Regardless of how drivers are distracted, their actions can lead to devastating car crashes that leave unsuspecting victims with serious injuries. Victims may suffer physical and emotional pain and suffering, and their medical expenses and lost wages due to missed work can take a financial toll. When these damages were caused by a negligent driver, then it may be appropriate to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

New Pennsylvania statistics show increase in distracted driving

Over the years, it is becoming more apparent that smartphones often make drivers do dumb things. While having a wealth of information, communication options, social media and games at your fingertips is often a good thing, for too many drivers on the road it is a danger. And things are getting worse.

Learjet crash near New York City leaves 2 dead

While countless flights soar through the air each and every day without consequence, there are unfortunately situations that serve as a reminder that accidents do happen. While it's important to keep in mind the fact that air travel is extremely safe overall, a recent accident serves as a reminder that aviation accidents unfortunately do occur. In the event of any type of accident, it's also important to gain a full understanding of what occurred and see that justice is served.

Why trucks are especially dangerous on the roads

It is not uncommon for Americans throughout the country, including those in and near the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, to take potential hazards on the roads for granted when they hop in a car. While an experienced driver of a car generally knows what to look out for, such as potholes, distracted drivers or animals, one thing that is often overlooked is the potential dangers associated with trucks on the roads.

What to look for when choosing a nursing home

One of the most difficult decisions for a family is to remove loved ones from their homes and enter them into a nursing home. While in a vast majority of cases this is best for the person, who often can no longer take care of himself or herself and does not have the proper care on hand to address all of their needs, there are rare times when a nursing home also fails to provide the necessary care we assume they will provide to our loved one.

It is important to understand that nursing home abuse does not necessarily mean physical violence against a patient. Simply neglecting proper care is also considered abuse. Nursing homes are held to a specific standard of care. Failing to provide adequate meals, medications and basics, such as proper cleaning and bathing of a patient, as well as changing of clothing and bedding, are all responsibilities of the nursing home facility.

The basics of aviation accidents

Even with thousands of flights and millions of Americans flying daily, air travel is considered among one of the safest methods of transportation. Although we often hear about serious plane crashes occurring across the world, often taking the lives of hundreds of passengers at a time, these accidents are quite rare. Smaller planes are not immune to accidents either, although many are not reported and do not make national or even local headlines. This doesn't mean that such non-commercial small aircraft accidents don't lead to injuries or fatalities as well.

Considering the complexity of planes and air travel in general, it should come as no surprise that there are also countless causes for such accidents, both large and small. Common reasons for an accident include but are not limited to: faulty equipment, aircraft design issues or human error, such as pilot error or negligence by flight service station employees, federal air traffic controllers or violations of Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Pursuing the compensation you deserve after a brain injury

Accidents can't be predicted, and some accidents can't be avoided. But, when an accident does occur, it often leaves a victim or multiple victims with serious or catastrophic injuries. Such injuries can affect all aspects of a person's life, whether it is caring for a family, earning money and going to work or even carrying on the basics in life. It is not uncommon for accident victims to feel helpless.

Physical injuries can limit what a person can do, and the emotional toll a victim suffers is often very hard to calculate. If a brain injury occurs, it may be difficult or impossible for a victim to even function or talk.

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