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At least one semi-truck involved in I-80, 19-car pile-up

With colder weather comes the driving conditions that can endanger Pennsylvania drivers. On the I-80, the number of vehicles on the road can turn slippery road conditions into a multi-car pile-up. Such was the case on the I-80 recently when it was believed two separate accident caused a chain reaction involving 19 vehicles and resulting in at least one fatality and one seriously injured person.

In addition, nearly 15 drivers and passengers were attended to for their resulting injuries at a nearby Red Cross and Penn Highlands hospital. Posted speed limits during times of inclement weather are not always safe.

Potential causes behind aviation accidents, injuries

For many Pennsylvanians, fear of flying is a genuine fear. It is the loss of control, the fear of heights and the slight possibility that something could go terribly wrong that scare people the most. For some, this fear becomes a reality. We do not want to add fuel to the fire, but the truth is that plane crashes can occur.

Some of these causes behind plane crashes are due to instances that could have been prevented and are otherwise negligent. Both major carrier (commercial airlines) and general aviation (private aircraft) can fall victim to errors that can cause injury or even death.

What could have caused my loved one's truck accident injury?

There isn't much larger vehicle on Pittsburgh roads today than a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck. These trucks play a vital role in the economy, they provide jobs and are the main mode of transport for goods and services. However, they can also be very dangerous and can cause serious injuries when a truck accident happens. There are many ways that a Pittsburgh truck accident could occur.

While that might sound far-fetched, it is absolutely true. Sometimes it is due to the fault of the truck driver themselves. Other times, it can be because of the action of another motor-vehicle driver. For example, it another motor-vehicle driver gets too close to a tractor-trailer when following from behind, they could slam into the back of the tractor-trailer which can cause the trailer to lose control completely causing accidents with multiple-other vehicles in it's path.

Even accidents due to uninsured motorists can be compensable

Most drivers are responsible and would never think about letting their car insurance lapse, let alone get behind the wheel an uninsured driver. However, it's true that there are several uninsured drivers on Pittsburgh roads today. When an uninsured motorist is involved in a car accident, others involved in the accident may not find out until trading information or even later. When a driver is uninsured it can change the way the personal injury suit is handled, but an injured party can still potentially collect for their loss.

When a negligent driver is deemed an under-insured or uninsured driver, the typical process for seeking reparation is different. It isn't always beneficial to seek damages from the uninsured driver themselves. Instead, most car insurance policies protect insured drivers from uninsured drivers when injuries or property damage occurs. At The Law Offices of Gismondi & Associates, we have dealt with many situations in which a driver or passenger was seriously injured due to a negligent uninsured driver.

Mining deaths at record low

Miners know they're entering an inherently dangerous profession, but it's much less dangerous than it used to be.

And last year may have been one of the safest years on record for miners. It certainly looks that way from fatality data, with a record low of 25 mining fatalities reported by the Mine Safety and Health Administration during 2016.

Legal time limits after a loved one's suspected wrongful death

If you are ever in a situation where a loved one unexpectedly has passed away, the loss is no doubt overwhelming. Dealing with the initial needs like funeral arrangements and grieving can be more than any one person should bear. You, along with family members and friends, may have a lot of questions about how and why your loved one passed away. If you are a surviving spouse of the victim, you may be in even a more delicate position than you ever imagined.

The truth is that surviving spouses usually have the toughest time after a sudden death has left them a widower. This is due to the immense emotional loss, along with the debilitating financial loss to you and your immediate family members. If a company, person or other third-party played a role in your spouse's unexpected death, it is possible that they could be held financially responsible. However, do not delay in seeking retribution, because there are time limits to filing a wrongful death suit after a loved one's death.

Is fault easy to prove in certain types of car accidents?

When Pittsburgh residents get behind the wheel, as they often do on a daily basis, they never think that they will be the one involved in a horrific car accident. The reality is that car accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Innocent drivers and passengers are involved in serious car accidents that can have a number of resulting injuries. An accident investigation is a great place to start if you believe you or a loved one has been unjustly injured in a car accident.

There are all types of car accidents. However, certain types of car accidents can, on the surface, appear to prove fault of a driver involved in the accident. For example, rear-end car accidents are almost always the fault of the driver who hit the other from behind. This is because that driver needed to give adequate following distance, and failed to, when they ran their can into the back of the other. Other accidents, called left-turn accidents, can indicate liability of a party if someone taking a left-turn collides with oncoming traffic.

Semi-truck causes multi-vehicle accident

Semi-trucks and other similar commercial trucks, are held to higher safety standards than are passenger vehicles. This is because their size and weight are so much vaster than the average vehicle, and thus, semi-trucks can do much more damage when involved in a truck accident. Such a truck accident, between a semi-truck and multiple passenger vehicles, was reported earlier this week. 8 people were sent to the hospital after a semi-truck caused a chain reaction with multiple vehicles.

According to Pennsylvania police, the semi-truck was traveling south on Route 130 when the driver failed to stop to a line of stopped traffic ahead of him on the road. The truck then collided with a 2016 Honda and a dump truck that then created a chain reaction of accidents that totaled 7 vehicles in all. Eight people were taken to the hospital for medical attention, luckily, no-one was killed in the crash. The driver of the semi-truck has been issued a summons for reckless driving by police due to his involvement in the multi-vehicle accident.

Aviation accidents can leave loved ones questioning sudden death

Many people in Allegheny County have the fear of flight. Whether this fear is rooted in a fear of heights, claustrophobia or a relinquishing of control, many people have a fear of flying. Most people's fears are unwarranted as most flights go off without a hitch. However, there is a small percentage of flights that result in aviation accidents and ultimately serious injury or even the death of a loved one.

Aviation accidents can occur for a variety of different reasons. They say airplanes are safer than motor vehicles today because of fewer incidents of accident and death. Federal regulations are very strict about regular maintenance and upkeep; these rules help to keep people safe and the planes operating smoothly. These regulations, if broken, could help to pinpoint fault or failure on behalf of the airplane manufacturer or related third party.

Understanding the profound impact of brain injuries

On an ordinary drive to school, work or the store, on an ordinary day, Pennsylvania residents can experience profound life-changing events. An unexpected and sudden car crash can cause serious injuries that impact the person for the rest of their life.

As discussed last week in this blog, it is not always easy to tell these profound changes from the moment of the crash. For instance, when a person suffers a head injury, the symptoms might be difficult to detect or to tie to brain trauma. Headaches, soreness or other symptoms can linger on for days and weeks, until it becomes apparent something more serious has happened.

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