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What damages are available in a wrongful death case?

One of the most basic principles of the justice system is to make a person whole again after they have been wrongfully injured by someone else. In the civil system, the primary way this principle is accomplished is through an award of compensation, otherwise known as damages. Because an injury or death can drastically alter Pennsylvania residents' lives, there are many different kinds of damages that may be awarded.

For instance, last week this blog discussed how a surviving spouse and other family members may have a wrongful death cause of action they can bring after the loss of a loved one due to someone else's negligence. Different kinds of damages are available in a wrongful death action to compensate the family for the harm they have suffered because of the other person's negligent conduct.

Pa. man pleads to DUI offenses after killing police officer

There is nothing more heartbreaking and tragic for Pennsylvania residents than to suddenly lose a loved one. When a death occurs because of someone else's bad decisions, it can make a terrible situation even worse.

For instance, a man recently pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle while under the influence and other DUI offenses after he struck and killed a police officer last year. The man, who had been drinking for hours before he took to the road in a work vehicle, drove in the wrong lane of traffic before striking the officer head-on. The man's blood alcohol content at the time of the fatal accident was more than twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

If brain injury happens, seek the legal relief you deserve

Life can change in an instant for Pennsylvania residents. A simple drive to work or school can be life-altering when an individual suffers a serious injury in a car crash or other incident.

Perhaps no other injury is more life-altering than a traumatic brain injury. As discussed recently in this blog, motor vehicle accidents are a frequent source of brain injuries, given the sudden and severe impact that may be presented in these crashes.

What money damages might be available after a brain injury?

One of the best things about the legal system is its potential to hold others responsible for their actions.

Pennsylvania residents can suffer life-altering consequences because someone else made a bad decision or broke the law. Accordingly, it is not only important to hold that person accountable for what they have done to the injured person, but it may also prevent future injuries from occurring as a result of the same conduct.

Effects of traumatic brain injury may be long-lasting

There are few greater joys in life for many Pennsylvania residents than to be a parent. While kids grow up incredibly fast, these formative years are full of fun and rewarding experiences for both the child and the parent.

Unfortunately, the child's formative years can also present unique dangers, not only for younger children but younger adults as well. According to a new study, young people who suffered a traumatic brain injury before they turned 25 years old had a shorter lifespan than their siblings who did not suffer a TBI. Those who suffered a TBI also experienced a number of difficulties as well.

Fatal accident claims life of pedestrian outside ballpark

In Pittsburgh, a person who is hit by a motor vehicle is likely to suffer severe injuries and possibly even death. This type of fatal accident is unexpected and can leave a family to endure the emotional and personal pain of the occurrence. When there is an accident of this kind, those who are left behind need to make certain that a full investigation is conducted to determine the cause, who is at fault and consider pursuing compensation through a lawsuit.

Two people, a 68-year-old woman and an 80-year-old man, who were leaving a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game were hit by a car outside the ballpark. The man died slightly more than a week after the accident. He and his wife were crossing the street when they were hit. The 28-year-old driver of the vehicle was arrested and charged with two felony counts. It was alleged he did not have a proper license and caused an accident that resulted in personal injury.

We represent victims of aviation accidents

Aviation accidents are rare. For the most part, Pittsburgh residents who travel by air may live their entire lives without ever being involved in aircraft-based accidents. Unlike car accidents which affect many Pennsylvania drivers each and every year, aviation accidents are unusual in this age of modern flight.

However, just because aviation accidents are uncommon does not mean that they never happen. Airplane and aircraft collisions and incidents can be incredibly dangerous and can put pilots and passengers at great risk of injury and death with they occur. There are a variety of reasons that aviation accidents happen, such as pilot error, poor aircraft maintenance, and others, but often it is difficult for victims and their families to sort through the facts of an aviation accident case to determine what rights they have in the wake of the tragedy.

Who can recover damages in a wrongful death action?

Many Pennsylvania residents have an expansive definition of who they consider family. Family may include not only the traditional persons typically thought of, but others as well who are close loved ones.

In the legal system, however, there may still be specific family definitions that apply in certain circumstances. Last week, for example, this blog discussed how surviving family members may bring a wrongful death action when their loved one has passed away because of another person's negligence.

Pennsylvania family sues for wrongful death, survival action

Many Pennsylvania residents do everything in their power to provide and make life better for their loved ones. From working hard to support the family, to providing love and emotional support when times are tough, individuals play many different roles in supporting family and friends.

When a fatal accident occurs that tragically takes the life of a loved one, individuals can find themselves in a new role: obtaining legal accountability for the loss of their loved one. However, this accountability can take different forms, as separate legal claims may be available depending on the circumstances of the case.

Taking the next steps after a traumatic brain injury

Life can change in an instant for Pennsylvania residents. A simple drive to work, school or the store can become life-altering when a serious car accident occurs, as the accident can result in significant injuries that impact a person's most basic physical and mental abilities.

Perhaps no other injury illuminates how quickly things can change in an instant than a traumatic brain injury. As discussed last week in this blog, a traumatic brain injury can be caused by a sudden blow to the head, which is frequently what happens in a motor vehicle accident. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries, particularly for younger individuals.

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