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Surgical Errors Archives

Improper equipment sterilization exposes patients to rare disease

Every time a patient undergoes surgery, there is a risk for infection. While the risk is typically low, ranging anywhere from a one to three percent chance according to some reports—the risk is still there. The best way to prevent infection from surgical procedures in Pennsylvania is for medical professionals to properly clean and sterilize surgical equipment after each use; they could be subject to a medical malpractice suit if they fail to do so.

Pennsylvania man receives rare award in medical malpractice suit

Any type of medical procedure comes with risks. Yet, a certain standard of care is still expected from medical professionals. When a person seeks and in-office treatment from a physician, it is not unreasonable to assume that he or she will leave in better condition than upon arrival. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Better checklists and communication could prevent surgical errors

We frequently hear stories about patients who have the wrong leg amputated or a surgical instrument left inside their bodies. It may seem like these things happen more often than they actually do because the media tends to sensationalize them. Nonetheless, surgical errors still happen in Philadelphia and can negatively impact a patient’s quality of life. Instead of feeling better after a surgical procedure, the patient suffers from more pain, a worsened condition or organ damage.

Family receives settlement for surgery that ended in death

When a patient is on the operating room table and is under sedation, it is necessary for their oxygen levels to be monitored to ensure that they don’t dip dangerously low. Oxygen levels that are too low can lead to brain damage or death in the patient, and unfortunately, simple errors such as this account for a percentage of surgical errors that happen every year in Pennsylvania. In one tragic situation, a woman went in for a routine surgery and never ended up coming home.

Study pins one quarter of surgical errors on technology

Technology is often used in the health care field to improve the processes and procedures that treat illness and injury. If health care professionals use the technology correctly, there may still be times when the equipment malfunctions in such a way that the patient in Pennsylvania is harmed. Responsibility for an error by a piece of equipment may lie with the doctor or the hospital, and a recent study attempted to find the reason behind most surgical errors and determine ways to stop them from happening.

Woman narrowly misses having organs harvested by doctors

Many people in Pennsylvania and throughout the rest of the country have chosen to have their organs donated if they are injured or become ill and the organs can help to save another life. Once a person is pronounced dead in a hospital, health care professionals work quickly to prepare the person for the harvesting of organs, the process during which organs are removed and preserved to be used by a person in need. Potential organ donors may be surprised to find out that many hospitals do not have a checklist in place for determining if the person is actually dead.

More surgical errors predicted despite new precautions

Certain surgical errors are referred to as “never events”, meaning that they should never happen, and that most are simple mistakes that could be prevented. Hospitals and health care professionals in Pennsylvania may put checklists and precautions into place to ensure that surgical errors are minimized, but some may still slip through due to many different circumstances. Language barriers, poor decision-making, and simple distraction on the part of the surgical staff may be just a few examples of contributing factors to these errors. Regardless of how serious the error is, the patient may suffer from anxiety and stress, even without any obvious physical signs.

Rule change affects medical malpractice lawsuits in Pennsylvania

Sometimes people in Pennsylvania file lawsuits that have no legal standing. These actions take up the court’s time and money and may divert attention away from legitimate cases. They can also give lawsuits a bad reputation. In reality, however, some people need the help that a medical malpractice lawsuit can bring.

Lawsuit filed after medical device threatens woman's life

Some people in Pennsylvania become nervous at the prospect of undergoing surgery. Fortunately, the majority of surgeries have positive results. Surgeons can make mistakes, however, and when these surgical errors happen they can have devastating results. 

Family loses lawsuit against surgical robot manufacturer

Patients who are taken into surgery place their trust in the doctors and other medical professionals who are trained to handle the procedure. In order to avoid complications, doctors in Pennsylvania are trained on any surgical equipment that is used during the procedure. If a surgeon mistake occurs, the patient may suffer serious illness, or even death in the most tragic of situations. In these cases, the family may choose to investigate who is at fault for the death of a family member.

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