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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Five diseases commonly misdiagnosed by doctors despite advances

When a person in Pennsylvania is diagnosed with cancer or any other serious illness, time is often of the essence. In order to ensure that the patient lives a long and rewarding life, doctors may need to implement treatments immediately to stop the spread of harmful cancers or other diseases. Failure to diagnose a cancer or heart disease may lead to death in the average individual if the doctor does not stay current on new technology for diagnosis. Even those who trust their physicians implicitly may benefit from getting a second opinion for any serious illness before treatment is started.

Misdiagnosed cancer sends woman into depression after treatment

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects many people in Pennsylvania and throughout the world. Even with a good prognosis from doctors, treatments may be hard on the body and cause serious stress and anxiety to the person and their family members. Although chemotherapy has been proven to be effective at treating some types of cancer, it is also known for causing side effects that create discomfort and pain in the patient. A misdiagnosed cancer may cause the patient to undergo treatments that are unnecessary, and may have far-reaching effects throughout the life of the person.

Diagnosis errors found in large percentage of studied cases

When a person seeks the help of a physician, they expect the best care, and doctors have taken an oath to provide the appropriate treatment for each individual situation. This is especially important in cases where time is of the essence, and receiving the proper treatment in a timely manner can mean the difference between life and death for a patient. If the patient suffers from a misdiagnosed cancer and the problem is not discovered quickly, the disfigured cells are then allowed to grow and spread throughout the body until it may be impossible to save the person.

Hospital sued for failure to diagnose meningitis

Deadly diseases can sometimes present themselves in seemingly innocuous ways. It is up to doctors in Pennsylvania to determine whether symptoms are evidence of a common complaint or something more serious. When they fail to properly make that distinction, they may face a lawsuit.

Woman claims doctors responsible for husband's death from cancer

If a person in Pennsylvania is diagnosed with cancer, it is often necessary to begin treatments immediately in order to save the life of the person. If a physician or other medical professional fails to diagnose the correct condition in a timely manner, delayed treatment can lead to the spread of the disease. In the worst situations, the patient may die from the failure to diagnose cancer by the doctor, and the family of the patient may choose to hold the medical professionals accountable.

Misdiagnosis is leading cause in medical malpractice

Pittsburgh readers may be interested in knowing that the number one claimed cause of medical malpractice in the United States in misdiagnosis of injuries or illness. Medical malpractice payouts for a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose amounted to around $39 billion during the last quarter of a century. And this would only include those payments that have actually been reported.

Better communication means less medical malpractice

The research appears to be very simple: when doctors don't listen to their patient, they also misdiagnose symptoms and illnesses. Also, miscommunications to patients can lead to a variety of complications as well: failure to follow directions, medical complications and medication errors.

Three symptoms often overlooked at the doctor's office

Medication side effects, pneumonia and high blood pressure are common symptoms that are all too frequently misdiagnosed by doctors. These types of symptoms should be picked up when a patient is visiting his doctor, but close to two-thirds of diagnosis errors occur while someone is actually at the doctor's office.

Tight schedules for doctors can lead to medical malpractice

A new study appears to demonstrate that many medical misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose type mistakes come about because physicians are expected to do too much in the short time that they spend with their patients. Schedules for doctors in Pittsburgh and across the country are becoming increasingly tighter, and the timeframe for communicating with patients have often been shortened.

Missed diagnosis all too common medical error

A study was conducted concerning medical mistakes made by physicians. When examining electronic medical records, one of the greatest surprises for researchers was to find the number of instances involving delayed or missed diagnosis.

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