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Birth Injuries Archives

Multi-million dollar verdict in pharmaceutical birth defect case

Not all prescription medications are safe to take during pregnancy. Pharmaceutical companies are required to disclose any potential side effects that could harm the fetus—or the mother—during pregnancy in order to get FDA approval. Doctors should also discuss how a particular drug could affect a pregnancy with their patient before prescribing it. Sometimes, however, one or both parties fail to properly inform women of the potential birth injuries or birth defects that can occur.

Birth injury lawsuit settled, family awarded $7.5 million

It is reasonable to expect that when you go to the hospital in Pittsburgh or anywhere else seeking medical help, you will get the attention that you need. Yet, that is not always the case. Medical professionals are often rushed or simply don’t comprehend the severity of a situation and discharge a patient without a proper diagnosis.

Erb’s palsy more common than Down syndrome

Just as every woman in Pittsburgh experiences pregnancy differently, each will have different delivery experiences. Even an easy pregnancy can turn into a difficult delivery. The size and position of the baby can make labor and delivery more complicated for the mother-to-be as well as the delivery doctors and nurses, and can sometimes lead to birth injuries. For instance, excessive pulling during a head first delivery or pressure put on the infant’s arms during a feet first delivery can cause injuries to the nerves that control the shoulder, arm, hand and spine—injuries known as Erb’s palsy.

Mother wins lawsuit against hospital for daughter's birth injury

Occasionally, complications that arise during the delivery process can cause injuries, disfigurement or permanent disabilities. The baby’s size, position of the baby and a number of factors can lead to a difficult birth. Still, labor and delivery doctors are expected to adjust birthing plans as necessary in order to prevent birth injuries.

Mother of child with cerebral palsy wins birth injury case

Expectant mothers usually take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of their unborn children. Sadly, not every parent in Pennsylvania gets take home a healthy child after delivery. Some babies suffer from unpreventable genetic conditions in utero. Other times, complications during delivery or the actions of a negligent doctor can lead to birth injuries or permanent disabilities.

Pennsylvania lawsuits gain speed as new mother joins claim

Pregnancy is often a time of excitement mixed with trepidation about the future. As a mother grows a baby within her womb, it becomes necessary for her to begin thinking of the things she allows into her body and how they will affect her newborn. Because babies receive many of the same substances the mother intakes, harmful medications, drugs and alcohol may lead to birth injuries that are devastating for mom and baby. Many mothers rely on their doctors and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that the things they are taking are safe for both them and their babies.

Family happy with settlement from hospital over birth of son

Having a baby may be a time of extreme happiness and anxiety about the future for the mother and father of the child. Once the pregnant woman has been admitted to the hospital for the birth, she depends on the medical professionals at the hospital to determine whether she requires emergency care and when she is ready to deliver her bundle of joy. Birth injuries that are the result of a doctor’s mistakes may be devastating and have long-term consequences for both the family and the hospital in Pennsylvania.

Sexual re-assignment surgery at the base of negligence lawsuit

When a child is born, both the mother and the baby place their trust in health care professionals, such as doctors or nurses, who make choices regarding how to care for them. If a medical emergency arises with a newborn or mother, doctors have taken an oath that requires them to take all appropriate steps to prevent birth injuries or serious illnesses. If the doctor or other health care professionals fail to meet the requirements of this oath, they may be held responsible for the injury or illness that results from the decision.

Family awarded record sum in third trial for malpractice case

When a woman enters a hospital in Pittsburgh to give birth to a baby, she places her trust in the doctors and nurses who will be performing the delivery. If procedures are not followed and mistakes are made, the baby may suffer birth injuries that could have been prevented if the delivery process had been followed more closely. These birth injuries are often extensive, and can require intense medical care for the rest of the child’s life.

Jury verdict of $130 million in birth injury case

After a ten year delay, a family was finally awarded $130 million in a birth injury case that reportedly involved medical malpractice. This was actually the third trial to take place. The verdict in the first trial was favorable to the hospital, but that verdict was later reversed. A second trial resulted in a hung jury, and the third ended with the above mentioned verdict.

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