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Birth Injuries Archives

Birth injuries and high blood pressure medications

There is a concern that pregnant women may be prescribed antihypertensive drugs without doctors taking into account possible consequences. Though such medications obviously can prevent hypertension in pregnant women, the risks of birth injuries and pregnancy complications such as placental abruption, fetal demise, superimposed preeclampsia, preterm birth or maternal morbidity by taking such medications have not been studied.

Birth injury verdict exceeds $100 million

A teenage girl suffering from cerebral palsy just received a jury verdict in excess of $100 million. It is alleged that her medical condition came about due to birth injuries suffered when her and her twin sister were born three months prematurely. It is further claimed that the two sisters were born early due to the hospital's failure to provide adequate care.

Fundraiser begun for Pennsylvania child with cerebral palsy

It's so extremely sad to learn of a child born with cerebral palsy that there's usually little to report to concerning such an incident that can be considered positive. Yet friends of families that have given birth to such a child will do everything in their power to be supportive.

Prolonged labor leads to birth injuries and cerebral palsy

We've mentioned some multi-million dollar verdicts in Pennsylvania and other states concerning birth injuries suffered by children while the mother was in labor and under the care of hospital staff. In some circumstances, such lawsuits will be settled before ever going to trial.

Child allowed to attend her own birth injury lawsuit

Many medical malpractice cases come about because of birth injuries suffered while the mother was in labor. Because there have been so many multi-million dollar verdicts for these kinds of lawsuits (including one in Pennsylvania totaling $78.5 million), hospitals understandably are jittery every time a birth injury case is being tried in front of a jury.

A state legislature approves a $15 million birth injury claim

A few weeks ago, a jury brought back a verdict of $78.5 million in a Pennsylvania birth injury suit. More recently, a claims bill submitted to the Florida state legislature has approved a $15 million award for another child with similar type of injuries. (The submission of a claims bill for approval of certain medical malpractice awards is required in that state.)

Pennsylvania medical malpractice verdict for $78.5 million

A jury verdict of $78.5 million was rendered in Pennsylvania concerning the birth injuries leading to cerebral palsy. The injuries that led to this malady came about possibly because of an 81-minute delay before a cesarean section was performed.

Zoloft related to heart defects in newborn children

Zoloft is popular among Pittsburgh doctors in treating depression. However, studies have now shown that the use of Zoloft by pregnant women is now being linked to children being born with serious heart defects. And as well as congenital heart defects, use of this medication has also been connected with other birth injuries as well.

Pregnant women and epidurals during labor

Pregnant women from Pittsburgh need to be aware of risks that occur when medical providers give epidurals during labor. There can be adverse effects to the epidural analgesia provided while a mother is in labor that lead to spiked fevers in the mother and oxygen deprivation for the newborn child.

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