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Medication Errors Archives

Using technology to prevent medication errors in Pittsburgh

In a recent post, we wrote about a girl who allegedly died because her prescription painkiller was not properly diluted at the pharmacy. Tragically, errors like this occur more often than we would like to think. Sometimes it may be because of a dosage error made at the pharmacy as in this case, but there are other things that can lead to fatal medication errors as well—including mistakes made by doctors in Pittsburgh.

Woman claims pharmacy error led to death of her daughter

In a world where medications are readily available for almost every ailment, it’s often necessary to trust the health care professionals who prescribe the medication and the Pennsylvania pharmacy employees who package and provide the medicine. A dosage mistake on certain medications may quickly become fatal, and it may be important for pharmacies to have procedures in place to prevent mistakes from happening. Although these mistakes may easily be avoided, they are still known to happen way too often.

Many errors may be avoided by correct administrative practices

When a patient enters a hospital or care facility, it is often expected by the patient and other family members that they will be given the correct treatments and the correct medications for their illnesses or injuries. Medication errors may be costly and harmful, both to the medical facility and to the patient, but they are all too real to ignore. A recent study examined the cause of many medication errors in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, possibly looking for procedures that can help to prevent these serious errors.

Doctor provides information about patients to avoid drug charges

In order for a doctor to provide medical care to patients in Pennsylvania or any other state in the country, they must be licensed by the state board. If the board determines the doctor is unfit for treating patients or has violated any rules, they may choose to revoke the doctor’s medical license and stop him or her from practicing medicine in that particular state. This is often done as a way to protect unknowing patients from seeing doctors who have had serious violations in the past. Medication errors, fatal mistakes and confidentiality violations may be more common with doctors who violate the rules of the state board.

Medication error results in death of man after surgery

During a surgical procedure, an anesthesiologist is present to ensure that the sedation is working correctly and that the patient is able to maintain oxygen levels and the proper heart rate while under the medication. Medication errors made by doctors in these situations may be deadly unless proper precautions are taken immediately. If medication errors are not treated with counteracting medications quickly and efficiently, the result may be devastating to the patient and to family members.

Cancer patients likely to deal with medication errors

When a person suffers from a life threatening disease in Pennsylvania, the treatment they receive may be extremely detailed, and must follow a specific schedule in order to avoid any additional injuries or illnesses. When medication errors occur, and patients are given the wrong drug or a dosage mistake is made, the consequences to the body can make it harder for the patient to fight off the disease that is being treated. These problems can be particularly hard on the body of a child who is fighting off a disease that threatens their lives.

Lawsuit claims that medication error resulted in birth defects

When a patient is prescribed medication, they usually assume the medication will cure their ailments and make them feel better. Unfortunately for the citizens in Pennsylvania, this is not always the case. Medication errors occur when a patient is prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, and occasionally, the problem is with the medication itself. When this happens, devastating consequences can follow.

Electronic health records implicated in medication type errors

The debate continues as to whether electronic health records do more harm than good. A recent study of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System databases claims that thousands of medication and other types of errors are occurring due to use of the electronic records.

Work shifts for doctors and medical mistakes

A study suggests that shorter shifts for doctors and other medical professionals may lead to more medical mistakes. Medical errors often occur during work shift changes because those just coming to work may not be as familiar with what has been going on regarding treatment of a patient.

Children and the prescribing of medications

There have long been concerns raised in Pennsylvania and across the nation regarding the overmedicating of young people, but not all doctors seemed to have received the message. There remains a push for doctors to provide young people with medications that are supposed to boost a child's memory. This includes using stimulants that purportedly will affective cognitive functioning.

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