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Lawsuit filed after medical device threatens woman's life

Some people in Pennsylvania become nervous at the prospect of undergoing surgery. Fortunately, the majority of surgeries have positive results. Surgeons can make mistakes, however, and when these surgical errors happen they can have devastating results. 

A 45-year-old mother of two and grandmother-to-be wakes up every morning knowing there is something inside of her body that could kill her. In 2006 this woman was fighting breast cancer but it is not cancer that threatens her life now. A tiny piece of a medical device has lodged itself in her jugular vein, according to doctors. Doctors said that removing the object could be risky. The woman has decided not to have surgery, knowing full well that leaving the foreign object in her body also poses a risk.  

Diagnosis errors found in large percentage of studied cases

When a person seeks the help of a physician, they expect the best care, and doctors have taken an oath to provide the appropriate treatment for each individual situation. This is especially important in cases where time is of the essence, and receiving the proper treatment in a timely manner can mean the difference between life and death for a patient. If the patient suffers from a misdiagnosed cancer and the problem is not discovered quickly, the disfigured cells are then allowed to grow and spread throughout the body until it may be impossible to save the person.

A recent study found that misdiagnoses often lead to death or severe disability, and happen in 10 to 20 percent of cases. Although other medical errors are more prevalent and sensational, these numbers show that a misdiagnosis is far more common than any other medical error.

Musical performance may have led to brain injury

The Billboard Music Award Show is an event honoring the bestselling musical artists in the United States. Awards are given out in several different categories based on chart performance, number of downloads, and airplay. The awards show also features performances by popular musicians. The evening is supposed to be a fun celebration for music insiders and fans from all over the country, including Pennsylvania. At this year's show, however, the light hearted fun turned dangerous and one fan is suffering the consequences. 

Producers of the Billboard Music Awards' and 27-year-old singer Miguel may be facing a lawsuit after a stunt gone awry at during his musical performance at the 2013 awards show. A woman in the audience was injured during his performance and her lawyer alleges that she may have a brain injury and that she is experiencing cognitive difficulties. The outcome of neurological tests will determine whether she files a lawsuit, according to her lawyer.

Researchers looking for exclusions to consent rule in study

When a patient is brought to a hospital in Pennsylvania with a brain injury, doctors immediately begin treatment to minimize the damage to the rest of the brain and the body. After a traumatic brain injury, serious damage to the brain can begin immediately if the right treatments are not used quickly.  Treatments and drugs that are used in hospitals are tested by researchers for several years before they receive the approval of the FDA, and each patient involved in one of these studies must agree to be a part of the study, with very few exceptions.

Scientists believe that administering progesterone to a patient immediately after a brain injury can help to prevent or lessen many secondary consequences of the injury. Because it is difficult to obtain informed consent from a patient with a serious brain injury or a family member, studies regarding the effectiveness of this drug are rare.

Disabled man sues hospital for medical malpractice

When you visit the emergency room in Pennsylvania, you trust that medical professionals will do everything in their power to treat your ailment. In reality, however, physicians make mistakes just like everyone else. Occasionally, these mistakes can lead to costly medical bills, a lifetime of disability, or even death.

A 66-year-old man is suing a hospital and two doctors for medical malpractice. The man and his wife are asking for damages to cover the pain and suffering he is experiencing after receiving 4 surgeries and 22 specific procedures. The surgical procedures included a colostomy and the removal of portions of his buttocks and his left leg. He underwent these surgeries to contain and repair the damage left by an infection known as necrotizing fasciitis.

Sexual re-assignment surgery at the base of negligence lawsuit

When a child is born, both the mother and the baby place their trust in health care professionals, such as doctors or nurses, who make choices regarding how to care for them. If a medical emergency arises with a newborn or mother, doctors have taken an oath that requires them to take all appropriate steps to prevent birth injuries or serious illnesses. If the doctor or other health care professionals fail to meet the requirements of this oath, they may be held responsible for the injury or illness that results from the decision.

An eight-year-old child and his adoptive parents have filed a lawsuit against doctors who performed surgery on the child when she was a newborn. Although the child identifies as a boy, doctors decided at the time of the operation to create female genitalia after the baby was born with traits from both sexes. 

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