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PSA test not so useful

In a major about-face, a leading medical group recently questioned the value of PSA tests, a common marker used for prostate cancer. The American Urological Association came out with new guidelines significantly restricting the types of patients who should have this lab work done.

PSA test not so useful

In a major about-face, a leading medical group recently questioned the value of PSA tests, a common marker used for prostate cancer. The American Urological Association came out with new guidelines significantly restricting the types of patients who should have this lab work done.

Extreme surgical error results in diminished functioning

When it comes to hospital safety, there are occasions known as "never events." This term is often applied to surgical procedures that are performed on the wrong patient or the wrong part of the body. The term comes from the rational thought that these tragic situations should never occur. In reality, however, doctors, nurses, administrators, and other hospital staff are not always as diligent as they should be when it comes to performing their jobs in Pennsylvania. As a result, these types of surgical errors do happen.

A woman is suffering from diminished speech and ability to take care of herself after her surgeon allegedly operated on the wrong side of her brain. According to woman's lawyer, his client experienced a series of strokes about five years ago and brain surgery was supposed to fix that problem. Instead of improving her health, however, the wrong-site surgery has left the woman with serious injuries and emotional distress. 

Woman claims doctors responsible for husband's death from cancer

If a person in Pennsylvania is diagnosed with cancer, it is often necessary to begin treatments immediately in order to save the life of the person. If a physician or other medical professional fails to diagnose the correct condition in a timely manner, delayed treatment can lead to the spread of the disease. In the worst situations, the patient may die from the failure to diagnose cancer by the doctor, and the family of the patient may choose to hold the medical professionals accountable.

A wife is seeking money for medical expenses, future care, and emotional distress from doctors who she feels failed to meet the standard of care required by law for her husband, according to documents from the woman's attorney. Originally diagnosed with Hepatitis and cirrhosis, the woman's husband eventually died from liver cancer.

Lawsuit claims that medication error resulted in birth defects

When a patient is prescribed medication, they usually assume the medication will cure their ailments and make them feel better. Unfortunately for the citizens in Pennsylvania, this is not always the case. Medication errors occur when a patient is prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, and occasionally, the problem is with the medication itself. When this happens, devastating consequences can follow.

A lawsuit has been filed against a pharmaceutical and health care company for selling a drug that causes birth defects in the heart, spine, and other areas. The lawsuit states that the company had the responsibility to warn people about the potential hazards of ingesting the drug. These dangers seem to be even greater when the drug is taken during pregnancy. Even if the company did not know about the dangers associated with the drug, the lawsuit claims that they should have known. 

Rare surgical mistake leads to woman’s loss of function

There are many people involved in any surgery that is performed in a hospital in Pittsburgh. Nurses, doctors, and other staff may be on hand to guarantee that the procedure goes smoothly, and that the person is recovering well after surgery. If a surgical mistake is made, the patient may choose to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice, and seek money for any injuries or pain and suffering that occurred as a result of that mistake.

Hospital administrators are referring to privacy laws to avoid making a statement on a lawsuit that was filed by a woman who opted to have brain surgery to correct the mini strokes she had suffered from over the years. A combination of mistakes may have been made that led her neurosurgeon to complete the operation on the wrong side of her brain.

Doctors to blame for most robotic surgical errors and lawsuits, says OBGYN

In recent years there have been hundreds of thousands of surgical procedures performed by so-called robots. These robotic surgeries are actually performed by surgeons who use computer-assisted surgical robots to help them perform complicated procedures. Many doctors believe that when used correctly, robotic surgeries in Pennsylvania are safer and more cost effective than traditional surgery. An increase in the number of robotic surgical errors, however, has some people concerned.

Robotic surgeries are on the rise because the instruments on the robots are able to do things that traditional surgical instruments are unable to do. These instruments are controlled by the surgeon and allow the surgeon to have a wide range of motion in a laparoscopic procedure. While there are some risks associate with robotic surgery, experts agree that these surgeries produce great results.

Family awarded record sum in third trial for malpractice case

When a woman enters a hospital in Pittsburgh to give birth to a baby, she places her trust in the doctors and nurses who will be performing the delivery. If procedures are not followed and mistakes are made, the baby may suffer birth injuries that could have been prevented if the delivery process had been followed more closely. These birth injuries are often extensive, and can require intense medical care for the rest of the child’s life.

Medical care for a young girl will be covered by a $130 million settlement that was awarded to her family during the third trial of the case that spanned a decade. The family of the girl los the first trial, and a second trial resulted in a hung jury after a higher court overturned the first verdict. Rather than settling for an original offer from the hospital, the lawyer for the family encouraged them to go to court and be heard by another jury.



Misdiagnosis is leading cause in medical malpractice

Pittsburgh readers may be interested in knowing that the number one claimed cause of medical malpractice in the United States in misdiagnosis of injuries or illness. Medical malpractice payouts for a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose amounted to around $39 billion during the last quarter of a century. And this would only include those payments that have actually been reported.

One neurologist described this as a problem that “is too big of a problem to ignore.” There may be as many as 160,000 diagnosis errors that occur every year that result in the permanent injury or death of a patient, and all of these events are considered largely preventable.

Incubation mistake results in brain damage for 19-year old man

A 19-year old patient was admitted to the hospital after being struck in the jaw by a stray bullet. The doctors then apparently decided to perform surgery, though they were informed that the patient's airway passage was still partially swollen and obstructed. However, since it has been alleged that the anesthesiologist did not follow proper procedures concerning extubation, the patient accidentally dislodged the endotracheal tube and left the patient without oxygen for 7 to 8 minutes.

The family of the young man brought a lawsuit against the anesthesiologist and physician's assistant concerning the brain injuries that the patient suffered. The jury for the medical malpractice lawsuit then returned a $17.5 million verdict.

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