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Posts tagged "medical malpractice"

Better communication means less medical malpractice

The research appears to be very simple: when doctors don't listen to their patient, they also misdiagnose symptoms and illnesses. Also, miscommunications to patients can lead to a variety of complications as well: failure to follow directions, medical complications and medication errors.

Pennsylvania nursing home's license may be revoked

Taking care of an elderly person can be hard so a lot of families entrust the care of their loved one to a nursing home facility. It's scary to turn the care over to someone else, but it's worse when the facility has problems with reporting and its staff.

Don't Fool Around with Stroke Symptoms

Strokes can cause death or life-changing injuries. The sad thing is that strokes can sometimes be prevented if people would pay attention to the warning signs and get to a hospital right away. We would like to give you a little bit of information about strokes that may help you or a family member avoid death or serious injury.

Ask the Doctor Questions!

The lawyers in our office handle a lot of medical cases, so it is natural that friends and family often ask us questions about their own medical conditions or surgeries they are about to have. If we know the answer to something simple, we will tell them, but in general we remind folks that we are not doctors (although we know a fair amount about medicine) and the best advice we can give them is this: Do not be afraid to ask the doctor questions!

Birth injury lawsuits to be heard by U.S. Supreme Court

A young girl's delivery by cesarean section ended disastrously. The birth injuries she suffered have resulted in the girl being blind and deaf, and unable to walk or crawl. Because the girl now suffers from mental retardation and seizure disorders, she requires 12 to 18 hours of nursing care on a daily basis.

What is a Surgical Error?

One of the most common medical malpractice cases we handle is a surgical error case. This is a case in which some injury occurs while a physician is doing a proper surgery. For example, a surgeon goes in to remove the gallbladder and while he is doing so, he injures some nearby artery or other organ that causes significant harm to the patient. In these cases, we are often involved in a battle over a principle called "accepted risk of the procedure." In other words, when a patient signs a consent form for a surgery, the law says that they understand that certain injuries might occur during that procedure because any surgery carries certain risks. However, the consent form is not a license for the doctor to be careless, and it is not a shield that protects him from responsibility if he does something wrong. In other words, when the surgeon causes an injury that is outside of the normal accepted risks of the procedure, then he/she must pay money damages to the patient.

Government Wants Patients to Report Medical Mistakes

The federal government is planning to provide patients with the opportunity to report medical mistakes directly to them. Under the plan patients would be given a questionnaire that they can fill out and send back to the government whenever they are a victim of a medical mistake. The mistakes to be reported can be anything from a drug mistake, surgical error, infection or failure to properly diagnose or treat a condition. See

Birth injury verdict exceeds $100 million

A teenage girl suffering from cerebral palsy just received a jury verdict in excess of $100 million. It is alleged that her medical condition came about due to birth injuries suffered when her and her twin sister were born three months prematurely. It is further claimed that the two sisters were born early due to the hospital's failure to provide adequate care.

More treatment leads to more medical mistakes

The Institute of Medicine claims that the number of patients dying from medical mistakes in Pennsylvania and across the United States has almost doubled in recent years. Whether or not this is entirely true depends upon the accuracy of statistics generated by each individual state. There is no universal way of making the determination because each state records medical errors differently.

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