Client Testimonials

A young couple discuss the work that Gismondi & Associates did in a tragic case involving their family.

“I came to know John Gismondi through a lot of business associates in Pittsburgh, a lot of the attorneys who I asked who we should seek for legal counsel and his name just kept coming up.

I happen to be a nurse and it happened to be a very serious medical case that we were working on with John and he was very open to anything that I had to say about the case, any ideas that I had to share.

The part that I didn’t understand was the legal piece, which he was able to explain well to me. I wasn’t someone who I ever thought would pursue something medically, however, it was an extraordinary circumstance and it was really important to me to make a change in the environment and he really helped us to be able to do that. I initially said that I would really love to meet with everybody at the hospital so that they could listen to what I had to say.

I knew that things don’t always work out well in the hospital environment and things don’t always go the way that we intend for them to go. He was able to pull that meeting together and they allowed it to happen. He was very compassionate to our situation and what we were going through. We would definitely recommend John and we have. John told us the truth.”

A mother and father who suffered the loss of their daughter speak about their experience with Gismondi & Associates.

“We were referred to John Gismondi and Associates after an incident with my daughter. With my wife being a nurse we kind of figured that mistakes were made and we weren’t getting the answers we needed from the hospital, so that’s why we contacted John Gismondi.

John and the staff here called us several times a month and told us exactly what was going on with the process and how everything would play out. At the time we were looking for an attorney, my wife asked people at the hospital and said who would you recommend, and who would you not want to go up against and John’s name just kept on coming up.

I really think that John Gismondi and Associates, both John and his staff here, not only are they very good with their business, they are very compassionate and very caring.”

Gismondi & Associates made a lasting impression on a man whose younger brother suffered devastating injuries in a motorcycle accident.

“My brother had a terrible collision, dump truck rolled up over him when he was on his Harley Davidson. He was pinned under the bumper of the truck, his gas tank on his motorcycle exploded and caught fire. And it was hard to extricate him from this mess, he had severe burns. My sister and I interviewed three law firms, John Gismondi’s firm really rose to the top.

He explains things very clearly. During the initial interview he asked about the collision as if he were preparing for the case whereas the other attorneys basically kept telling me a lot about themselves. John’s contract was very simple, it was just one page, a couple of paragraphs that anybody could read and understand. The other contracts from other law firms were multiple pages, all kind of legal, if this happens and that event, if that happens, it was confusing as can be. After the settlement, John was very helpful in investing the funds that were awarded. John is top drawer. I definitely would refer John to anyone.”

I appreciated his responsiveness and genuine concern for my best interests. -Client

If I ever need legal representation again I will certainly engage Scott Glassmith of Gismondi & Associates, PC. Scott has I the skills and demeanor I had hoped to find in an attorney. He represented me professionally and his experience reflected judgment as to when and how to gain the best settlement in my case. I appreciated his responsiveness and genuine concern for my best interests. Great job Scott and thank you !

Every step of the way we were made to feel as though we were their top priority. -Paul M.

I would recommend Gismondi and Associates to anyone. After a bad motorcycle accident, their firm took control of the situation and kept us updated every step of the way. Any questions that we had were always promptly answered. The communication was always in terms that we could understand. When the time came to settle our case, we were given the information that we needed to make the right decision. Every step of the way we were made to feel as though we were their top priority. We can’t thank them enough for everything that they did for us

A husband and father talks about how Gismondi & Associates handled a serious injury to a loved one.

“I come from a family of attorneys, they know John well, and recommended him as the best person for our particular situation which was a medical error of one of my close family members.

He really managed us through, coached us through the highs and lows. There was a lot more lows than highs through these types of emotional processes. And while the whole process beginning to end can be a fairly lengthy process, it was a pretty efficient process, it didn’t take a tremendous amount of time.

But his experience really gave us a lot of confidence that the decisions we made, the actions we took were the appropriate actions. If somebody had a similar situation, I would tell them they don’t need to go anyplace else, just turn it over to John and he’ll take good care of you.”

A local woman talks about how Gismondi & Associates earned her trust.

“When we suspected a medical error with a close family member, we started the search to seek someone whom we could really trust. For me, trust and sincerity were the two biggest issues. And with John that’s exactly what you get, he is very sincere, along with his talents he brings the tools that you need.

We couldn’t have asked for anything better. I definitely trust him like a brother, I mean, there’s no question and that’s huge to have somebody who you can open up with, feel comfortable with, and rely on and you know that the job’s going to get done. I would recommend John Gismondi to everyone, yes, he is the best, and he definitely eases the pain.”

The victim of a serious auto accident and her husband talk about the special attention they received from Gismondi & Associates.

“I was on my way to work, I hit some black ice, did some rolling, I rolled over a call box. They flew me to UPMC, I was in a coma – 21 days the first time. They had to put my leg in a bag with antibiotics because they weren’t sure I was going to make it, found out I was allergic to Percocet. I had seizures, landed me up in the transplant unit.

At the same time, Deb was in the hospital, my partner was in the hospital and my mother was in the hospital and what was nice is I never had to worry what was going on here, because they called and they updated. They called and checked the hospital and checked on Deb. I know it was business, but I think it was a lot personal too, you didn’t feel like you were up on a back burner. He (John Gismondi) didn’t speak above me, he spoke to me. I know I have to wear a brace the rest of my life. But he made it to where we can enjoy being together. I would recommend him to anyone. For anything.”

[John] and his staff greatly outperformed even my wildest expectations. -Richard D.

John was retained by my wife while I was recovering from a horrific accident that nearly took my life. Upon waking from my coma and finding out he was my lawyer I wasn’t sure of him as I hadn’t heard of him before. After checking with a few of his fellow attorneys who are friends of mine I was convinced he’d do well for me. The last sentence turned out to be the biggest understatement ever as he and his staff greatly outperformed even my wildest expectations. I have recommended his office to anyone who have or ever will need the quality representation that he and his staff provide.

My experience with Mr. Gismondi was truly life changing. -K Murray

My experience with Mr. Gismondi was truly life changing. He treated me with such respect and directness that I was able to garner the necessary strength to move through all of the negatives I was experiencing at that time. He was my advocate in the courtroom but also protected me at a personal level by instructing me how to move forward with difficult family members utilizing an estate lawyer rather than dealing at a personal level with them. He taught me what great lawyers actually do and while no one wants to have to need him, if you have to have a lawyer there is no one better.