Work Site Injuries

Pittsburgh Work Site Injury Attorney

Workplace safety is supposed to be a priority for all employers, but that is not always the case. People working in the construction trades and manufacturing are often seriously injured by unsafe equipment and dangerous working conditions.

We have handled a variety of cases involving death and serious injury in the workplace, for example, accidents involving building construction, road and bridge repairs, building renovations, cranes, hoists, forklifts, scaffold injuries, loading docks, collapse of walls, etc.

Immediate Investigation Is Very Important

Regardless of the type of accident, one of the most important things is to get to the accident scene as soon as possible to collect evidence and gather the names of witnesses. The accident scene often changes in a matter of hours or days, and therefore, quick investigation can be critical to a successful case.

We also have to often review closely the investigation done by OSHA and other government agencies who are usually on the scene of serious accidents. In many cases, we have to assemble our own team of experts involving engineers and construction safety specialists to figure out exactly what happened and who was at fault.

Over the past 30 years, the attorneys at Gismondi & Associates have successfully handled a variety of work site cases, including:

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