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When you or a loved one has suffered because a physician did not correctly diagnose or was late to diagnose an illness or injury, your life is filled with questions. How did this happen? Is there anything I can do? Can I hold the doctor accountable? How will I pay for my subsequent medical care?

I am attorney John Gismondi, and for more than 30 years my colleagues and I at Gismondi & Associates have provided clients with the answers and advice they need when they suffered further harm due to medical malpractice. We are known throughout the Philadelphia legal and medical communities as powerful advocates who are always ready to take a case to trial if necessary to obtain full, fair and timely compensation for our clients.

Pennsylvania Delayed Diagnosis Lawyers

We retain expert witnesses that can establish that a physician’s actions were outside the scope of acceptable medical practice in Pennsylvania. Armed with this evidence, we assess your entire situation to find all of the causes that contributed to your injury or loss. Commonly, X-ray mistakes, incorrect interpretation of test results, inadequate examination and other forms of medical malpractice lead to a delay in diagnosis or outright misdiagnosis. Our Pittsburgh misdiagnosis lawyers have helped clients throughout the state who have been harmed by a wide range of misdiagnosed conditions, including:

If these or any other illness were not diagnosed in a timely manner or were misdiagnosed, and you lost a loved one as a result, our firm can bring a wrongful death claim on your behalf. Although this cannot undo the harm caused by the doctor’s negligence, it ensures that he or she is held accountable for the loss that he or she could have helped prevent.

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