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When you travel on a highway, you trust that the government entity that is responsible for the road and those who designed the highway did everything correctly. Unfortunately, design errors often make their way through the construction process, and when motorists and their passengers begin to use the road, they are injured due to these errors. At Gismondi & Associates, we hold municipal entities and all other liable parties accountable for the harm they cause to those who put their trust in them and their ability to design a safe highway.

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I am attorney John Gismondi, and I founded our firm so that we could protect the interests of injured clients and make sure that they have an advocate who will stand up for them when they need it the most. We understand the legal nuances involved in defective highways cases and are familiar with all of the factors that can affect cases involving the Pennsylvania Turnpike; I-70, I-76, I-78, I-79, I-80, I-81 and I-83; and all other interstates, highways and local roads throughout the state. Many times, defective highway design cases involve elements such as:

These and other defective design cases often go hand-in-hand with issues related to negligent maintenance. When a city or other government entity fails to place signs warning about hazards or construction, fix a faulty traffic control device or otherwise properly maintain an interstate, state highway or other road, it should be held accountable for its negligence.

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