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Pools are meant to be places for recreation and fun. Unfortunately, they also serve as a source of tragedy when the negligent actions of their owners lead to serve injuries, and even drowning. It is important for those who are harmed in pool accidents to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney who can build a powerful personal injury claim and help them recover compensation for their injuries or loss.

At Gismondi & Associates, we have spent more than 30 years pursuing pool accident and other injury law claims. Led by firm founder and accomplished trial advocate John Gismondi, our Pittsburgh swimming pool accident lawyers serve pool accident victims throughout Pennsylvania. We are well-known in the Pennsylvania legal community: when other attorneys or insurance companies see our firm’s name attached to a case, they know that our clients mean business.

Pennsylvania Drowning Accident Lawyers

We are well-versed in the premises liability law and science that affect pool injury cases, including the common causes of pool injuries. Some of the most prevalent pool injuries – paralysis, brain damage from lack of oxygen, other catastrophic injuries, drowning and death – are caused by:

When pool injury cases involve children, they can often be more emotionally charged than those involving adults. We help our clients navigate through these difficult matters and obtain justice for injuries sustained by their children.

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