Catastrophic Injuries

Pittsburgh Lawyers Representing Victims Of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are those that affect you not just for a few weeks or months, but for years into the future, and in some cases for the rest of your life. Examples of catastrophic injuries are brain injury, loss of limb, serious burns and paralysis.

I’m attorney John Gismondi, founder of Gismondi & Associates. We are lawyers who represent people in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania who have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, airplane accidents, workplace accidents and other circumstances. A powerful lawsuit can provide full and complete compensation for you, and it can also send a strong message that will help to prevent some other person from being injured by a similar mistake or accident.

Our lawyers have a proven track record of obtaining substantial recoveries for our severely injured clients. However, money is not the only reason people come to us. They come to us also because they know we listen, because we care about what the future holds for them and because we stand ready to fight for what they deserve. If you suffered a catastrophic injury, you’ve already had enough taken away from you, so it’s our job to make those responsible give something back to you.

Our clients include burn victims who will need to undergo years of painful skin grafts, parents of young children who will need lifelong medical care, and active people who are no longer able to do the things they enjoy. Powerful legal claims obtain full compensation for mistakes made by medical providers, product manufacturers and property owners. Our lawsuit can also cause changes that can prevent similar injuries from happening to other people.

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A Lawsuit Provides Compensation … And More

We wish that we could turn back the hands of time and undo what has happened to you or your family. Unfortunately, no lawyer has that power. However, with a successful lawsuit we can reduce the burdens you face by obtaining full and complete compensation for everything that you have experienced as a result of your injury or the death of a family member … mounting medical bills, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and perhaps most importantly, the loss of the relationship and companionship of a loved one.

We will also fight for compensation to cover everything that you may face in the future. Catastrophic injury cases often involve long-term needs for things such as future surgeries, specialized equipment, personal attendant care and much more. Our goal is to provide full compensation for all of those needs so that you or your loved one can enjoy the very best quality of life possible and make the most of a difficult situation. After all, that is the least that you are entitled to.

Aside from providing you with full and complete compensation, a lawsuit can do one other very important thing: It can force changes to be made by the people who caused the injury to you or a loved one so that no other person or family has to go through what you have.

Our Experience In Catastrophic Injury Cases

Over the past 30 years, we have represented countless numbers of people who have suffered catastrophic injuries under the most tragic of circumstances: mothers or fathers killed in plane crashes; motor vehicle drivers horribly burned in trucking accidents; young people rendered quadriplegic as a result of drunk drivers. Each one is a tragedy in its own right, but what the victims all have in common is this: They need help now; they need somebody to provide financial security for the future; and they need someone to take a tragic situation and make it as tolerable as possible. And that is exactly what we aim to do for our clients.

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