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Automobiles, airplanes, consumer products and industrial equipment are all modern conveniences that improve the quality of our work and leisure time. However, those machines can often cause devastating injuries or death if they are not properly designed or provided with the necessary warnings and instructions.

I’m attorney John Gismondi, founder of Gismondi & Associates. We are lawyers who represent people in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania who have been injured as a result of dangerous and defective products ranging from industrial machines, children’s toys, automobiles, airplanes, medical products and many other devices.

Protecting People From Dangerous Products

The company that designs and sells products to you has an absolute obligation to make that product as safe as it can. That makes good sense because the manufacturer has years to think about how his or her product will be used and what needs to be done in order to make it safe, whereas you often have no idea what to expect with the use of the product.

When people buy a product they trust that the company who sold it to them has made safety a top priority. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Sometimes shortcuts are taken in the design or manufacture of the products … shortcuts that can end up costing someone his or her life or cause serious personal injury. With many household products, we often find that they were sold without proper instructions or safety devices, particularly when the products may be used by children. Machines and other industrial equipment often lack guards to prevent feet and hands from being seriously injured, and they also can lack stability and can flip over. In serious auto accidents, we often have to investigate whether the safety belts, the roof and the entire passenger compartment were designed strong and secure enough to withstand an accident, i.e., whether the vehicle is “crashworthy.” In many cases, they are not, and as a result, occupants can end up with spinal cord injuries or other serious damage.

In any of these cases, our job is always the same: to find out why the company did not keep its obligation to you to make that product as safe as possible under all circumstances.

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A Lawsuit Provides Compensation … And More

We wish that we could turn back the hands of time and undo what has happened to you or your family. Unfortunately, no lawyer has that power. However, with a successful lawsuit we can reduce the burdens you face by obtaining full and complete compensation for everything that you have experienced as a result of your injury or the death of a family member … mounting medical bills, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and perhaps most importantly, the loss of the relationship and companionship of a loved one.

We will also fight for compensation to cover everything that you may face in the future. Defective products cases often involve long-term needs for things such as future surgeries, specialized equipment, personal attendant care and much more. Our goal is to provide full compensation for all of those needs so that you or your loved one can enjoy the very best quality of life possible and make the most of a difficult situation. After all, that is the least that you are entitled to.

Aside from providing you with full and complete compensation, a lawsuit can do one other very important thing: It can force changes to be made by the people who caused the injury to you or a loved one so that no other person or family has to go through what you have.

Our Experience With Dangerous Products And Machine Cases

Over the past 30 years, the attorneys at Gismondi & Associates have successfully handled a variety of cases involving defect products, including:

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