Lawn Mowers, Tractors And Other Outdoor Equipment

Heavy power equipment, particularly those with cutting blades and other moving parts, can cause serious or fatal injuries. For example, more and more homeowners have riding lawn mowers. They allow us to cut and manicure large areas of lawn in a relatively short period of time, but they can also cause serious injuries to arms and legs, including amputations, when they come in contact with small children or unaware adults. Even the common power mower can cause serious lacerations and amputations if not equipped with proper safety devices such as deadman switches and the like.

Farm equipment, wood chippers, chainsaws and other outdoor power equipment can be equally dangerous. They are all very powerful, engine-driven machines that, in an instant, can cause serious bodily injury. Therefore, it is necessary that they be provided with appropriate safety guards, instructions and other protective devices.

It is not only the moving parts that can cause injury. The sheer size the weight of something like a tractor can cause fatal injuries in a rollover accident. Therefore, it is imperative that tractors be provided with proper rollover protection systems (ROPS).

Over the past 30 years, the attorneys of Gismondi & Associates have successfully handled a variety of cases involving lawn mowers, tractors and other outdoor power equipment, including:

Manufacturers have an obligation to provide consumers with safe equipment, and we make sure they adhere to all safety standards and good design practices.