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Meningitis is a frightening illness that often affects children. It usually starts with innocent flu-like symptoms such as a fever combined with a headache or neck stiffness. It may also include nausea and vomiting, lethargy, sensitivity to light or sounds, or irritability. But what appears simple can turn out to be a very serious illness. If not diagnosed and treated promptly, meningitis can cause death or permanent neurological injury to your child.

I’m attorney John Gismondi, founder of Gismondi & Associates. We are lawyers with experience in representing families in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania whose children have suffered injuries or have died because a medical provider failed to diagnose and treat meningitis. A powerful lawsuit can provide full and complete compensation for you, and it can also send a strong message that will help to prevent some other person from being injured by a similar mistake or accident.

Did Your Doctor Fail To Diagnose Meningitis?

Meningitis is an inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, which is caused either by bacteria, a virus or environmental agents. In children, the highest incidence of meningitis occurs between birth and two years old. While parents can easily miss the symptoms of this illness, a doctor should not. Many meningitis cases are missed in the emergency room because the doctor didn’t consider the possibility that the “simple” symptoms might represent something as serious as meningitis. Sadly, those children often are sent home only to quickly become much more ill to the point that the meningitis cannot be effectively treated and reversed. On the other hand, if meningitis is caught early it can often be successfully treated.

One of the most important and effective treatments for meningitis is early use of antibiotics. Sometimes, steroids are also effective treatment. If the meningitis is caused by a virus rather than a bacteria, it may respond to very sophisticated drugs such as Acyclovir.

Doctors must be both aggressive and proactive in diagnosing meningitis because every hour counts to prevent death or serious injuries such as permanent hearing loss, cognitive deficits or epilepsy. It’s very important for the doctor in the emergency room to do proper blood work and check for signs of infection in the spinal fluid by doing a “spinal tap,” a procedure in which a needle is used to withdraw fluid from around the spinal cord.

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A Lawsuit Provides Compensation … And More

We wish that we could turn back the hands of time and undo what has happened to your child. Unfortunately, no lawyer has that power. However, with a successful lawsuit we can reduce the burdens you face by obtaining full and complete compensation for everything that you have experienced as a result of your injury or the death of a family member … mounting medical bills, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and perhaps most importantly, the loss of the relationship and companionship of a loved one.

We will also fight for compensation to cover everything that you may face in the future. Meningitis cases often involve long-term needs for surgeries, specialized equipment, personal attendant care and much more. Our goal is to provide full compensation for all of those needs so that your child can enjoy the very best quality of life possible and make the most of a difficult situation. After all, that is the least that you are entitled to. Aside from providing you with full and complete compensation, a lawsuit can do one other very important thing: It can force changes to be made by the doctor or hospital that caused your child’s injury so that no other person or family has to go through what you have.

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