Serving Alcohol (Dram Shop)

Pennsylvania Lawyer Representing Families Injured By Drunk Drivers

In drunk driving cases, much of the focus is on the person who got behind the wheel while intoxicated. While they clearly bear responsibility for the accidents they cause, the people who served the alcohol to the drunk driver in the first place also bear responsibility for the death or serious injury that results. Hotels, taverns and restaurant owners have an obligation to keep an eye on their patrons and not serve them when they show signs of intoxication.

Investigating Your Case

In these cases, it is very important that we speak to the witnesses who were on the premises and can verify that the driver was served when he or she should not have been. Obviously, the bartender will never admit that the person was showing signs of intoxication, so it is absolutely critical that an experienced lawyer talk to other witnesses who were in the bar and establish what condition the driver was in when he or she was allowed to keep drinking.

Scientific Evidence In Drunk Driving Accidents

It is also important to establish through scientific evidence exactly how impaired the driver was. That typically involves analyzing blood alcohol results with the assistance of a chemist and/or toxicologist. We have used those experts in the past to help us plot timelines to establish how impaired someone would have been at the time he or she visited the bar where he or she was served.

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