Brain Tumors

Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice And Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue that may be malignant or benign (noncancerous) tumors. Even if a tumor is benign, it can cause problems if it gets too large and creates pressure inside the brain. Other cases involve situations where patients are complaining about symptoms, which should give the doctor a clue that there might be an abnormal growth in the brain, but the doctor ignores those signs. Some of those cases involve situations in which the tumor was not discovered on an X-ray or other imaging studies. If tumors are not discovered and removed in time, they can lead to death or permanent disability through loss of some important brain function.

Brain Tumors Must Be Treated In A Timely Fashion

The doctors usually involved in treating brain tumors are neuroradiologists (doctors who specialize in interpreting images of the brain with CT scans, MRIs, etc.) and neurosurgeons (doctors who actually operate on the brain).

If brain tumors are not treated in a timely fashion, they can cause vision loss, speech impairment or disruption in one’s ability to think clearly, and in some instances they can result in death.

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