Sexual Abuse

Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Sex abuse cases are among the most serious legal claims that we handle because they almost always involve young children, and they can have lifelong ramifications. For many years, these cases were shrouded in mystery usually because the victim or family members with knowledge were too embarrassed to reveal their ordeal. In recent years, there has been much greater willingness for victims to come forward, no doubt because of all the publicity surrounding the church abuse cases in the last decade.

Pennsylvania Statute Of Limitations

In most states, there is a time limit on when children can come forward and pursue a legal claim against the predator. In Pennsylvania, for events that occurred before June 2002, victims usually have until the age of 20 to file a legal claim. For events that occurred after June 2002, the victims usually have until age 30 to take legal action.

Damages For Sexual Abuse

The damages sought in these cases are for physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, the costs of counseling, etc. Also, the people responsible for the sexual abuse may also be held accountable for punitive damages.

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Sexual abuse cases are usually brought either against the person who committed the abuse or some other person or organization who was aware of the abuse but did nothing to report the predator. The organizations involved might include a church, a school or some other group that brings children in contact with the abuser.