I Don't Believe in Lawsuits

One of the most common things people tell us during a first meeting is this: “I don’t believe in lawsuits, but let me tell you what happened to my wife (son, father, husband, daughter,… etc.).” We always chuckle privately when people say this because it illustrates this reality: No one likes lawyers or lawsuits until they need one or have one. Thus, it is very easy for people to support campaigns by political candidates or large corporations which seek to limit the rights of injury victims because they think that an injury will never happen to them and those laws will only restrict the rights of someone else. When the shoe is on the other foot, however, and it is their loved one who has been injured, then they think it is unfair if there are laws that restrict the amount of compensation they can receive or which deny them access to the courts. So, the next time you hear some politician in Harrisburg or Washington, DC wanting to restrict the rights of innocent victims, pause a moment and understand that they could be talking about the rights of your child or your spouse or your parent.