Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents: Was the driver properly trained?

In many truck accident cases, particularly those involving less experienced drivers, there may be an issue about whether the driver was properly trained. What exactly is required in the training of truck drivers? To put the issue in context, let us assume the following hypothetical.  A new graduate from a truck driving school who has… read more

Truck Accidents: Know the key regs!

Interstate trucking is an industry that is very highly regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  It is essential that lawyers handling truck cases – – – either on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant – – – be familiar with those regulations at 49 of the CFR, Parts 380 through 399.   Space… read more

What are log book rules for truck drivers?

This blog recently discussed the importance of legal protections for victims of truck accidents. The nature of a truck driver’s work requires sometimes long hours on the road. Tired and inattentive truck drivers can be hazardous on the roadways which is why the U.S. Department of Transportation regulates the industry and truck drivers to help… read more

Victims of fatigued truck drivers have legal protections

Unfortunately, truck drivers are sometimes incentivized not to get enough rest and remain on the road long past when they need rest and sleep. Errors become more common when overtired truck drivers and drivers suffering from truck driver fatigue are on the road. Some truck drivers do not abide by legal hours of service requirements… read more

Chain of custody and physical evidence

Pennsylvania residents who have been injured in a truck accident will need to rely on evidence if they want to pursue a personal injury claim against the truck driver who harmed them and that truck driver’s employer. After all, for many truck accident victims, winning on one of these claims is the only way to… read more

The right approach in the aftermath of a truck accident

A previous post here discussed some of the dangers posed by truckers and the massive vehicles they drive. Although state and federal regulations aim to curtail the risks potentially posed by negligent acts and omissions from truckers and truck companies, the truth of the matter is that truck accidents continue to occur at an alarming… read more

Why trucks are especially dangerous on the roads

It is not uncommon for Americans throughout the country, including those in and near the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, to take potential hazards on the roads for granted when they hop in a car. While an experienced driver of a car generally knows what to look out for, such as potholes, distracted drivers or animals, one… read more

What hours of service rules must truck drivers comply with?

Semitrailer trucks ply the highways and byways of Pittsburgh every day. There are so many of them that it is natural to wonder whether all of these truck drivers are fit to drive. Federal transportation law addresses this concern with hours of service regulations. These regulations control the number of hours truck drivers can work… read more

At least one semi-truck involved in I-80, 19-car pile-up

With colder weather comes the driving conditions that can endanger Pennsylvania drivers. On the I-80, the number of vehicles on the road can turn slippery road conditions into a multi-car pile-up. Such was the case on the I-80 recently when it was believed two separate accident caused a chain reaction involving 19 vehicles and resulting… read more

What could have caused my loved one's truck accident injury?

There isn’t much larger vehicle on Pittsburgh roads today than a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck. These trucks play a vital role in the economy, they provide jobs and are the main mode of transport for goods and services. However, they can also be very dangerous and can cause serious injuries when a truck accident… read more