Gas Drilling

Gas drilling accident settles for PA man's estate

The shale gas drilling explosion from last February in which a 27-year-old contracted worker and future father was killed has been settled. The explosion, which happened in February 2014 in Dunkard, Greene County, PA, killed the man as he and another worker were rushing toward the blast area after hearing a loud hissing noise. The… read more

Fracking stories illustrate controversy

Two recent fracking stories that appeared in the news on the same day, illustrate in a nutshell the controversy surrounding drilling operations which extract natural gas from rock formations. In one article, landowners were threatening to sue a government commission to withdraw a ban on fracking.;_ylt=AwrjgkxgE9ZR0HQABgD_wgt. Whereas another article concerned an explosion at a… read more

Fracking safety in the news

Fracking is definitely a “hot” topic these day and a lot of the news relates to safety concerns of this very popular method of drilling. Illinois just adopted some of the toughest fracking regulations in the country, most of which are designed to prevent injury or contamination. Among other things, the regulations require the… read more