Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: Legal Questions/Answers

Although no civil law suits have yet been filed against Penn State in the growing sex abuse scandal, there is certainly no doubt that they will be coming down the road. People have asked legal questions about these cases, and we try to answer some of the most common questions here. 1. What is the… read more

Penn State Faces Civil Lawsuits

The Penn State sexual abuse case reminds us of a similar case we handled a few years ago involving a local coach who engaged in a pattern of sexual abuse with young boys on his team. In that case, as in the Penn State situation, we argued successfully that the school had prior knowledge of… read more

Early Snow Storm Blamed for Three Deaths

The early and unexpected snowstorms in the northeast over this past weekend led to at least three deaths in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts. One death occurred when a tree heavily ladened with snow collapsed and fell into a house killing an occupant. Another person died when he touched a guardrail that had been energized by… read more

I Don't Believe in Lawsuits

One of the most common things people tell us during a first meeting is this: “I don’t believe in lawsuits, but let me tell you what happened to my wife (son, father, husband, daughter,… etc.).” We always chuckle privately when people say this because it illustrates this reality: No one likes lawyers or lawsuits until… read more

The Truth About The McDonald's Coffee Case

There probably has been no more talked about personal injury case in recent years than the so-called “McDonald’s coffee case,” the lawsuit filed by 79-year-old Stella Liebeck. Large corporations often cited this as an example of a “frivolous” lawsuit and why we should restrict the rights of consumers who are injured by accidents or defective… read more