Industrial Accidents

Mining deaths at record low

Miners know they’re entering an inherently dangerous profession, but it’s much less dangerous than it used to be. And last year may have been one of the safest years on record for miners. It certainly looks that way from fatality data, with a record low of 25 mining fatalities reported by the Mine Safety and… read more

OSHA and workplace fatalities

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is required by federal law to investigate all workplace accidents involving serious injury or death. In our experience, when we have represented such injury victims, their families often take a keen interest in OSHA’s investigation, but they can find it to be a frustrating experience. One of… read more

Coal Mine Official Pleads Guilty

One of the main officials of a large West Virginia Coal Company recently pled guilty to fraud charges in connection with an April 2010 coal mine explosion that killed several workers at the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia. According to the federal charges, Gary May, the superintendent of the mine, made changes to the… read more

Coal mine offers settlement to families

The new owners of the Upper Big Branch Mine will pay a huge fine and also offer to pay millions of dollars to the families of the victims of an April 2010 explosion that killed 29 miners in West Virginia. Under the plan, the company offered $46 million dollars to the families of the… read more

Silo Explosion Kills 6 and Injures 2

Over the weekend there was an explosion at a grain silo in the midwest that killed six people and seriously injured 2. Workplace explosions can happen anywhere, and unfortunately there have been a rash of explosions in the Pittsburgh area at industrial work sites. Our firm is currently involved in handling wrongful death or personal injury… read more


As most know, Florida mom Casey Anthony recently escaped a murder conviction in the death of her young daughter, Caylee. Is that the end of the legal road for her? Many have asked the question whether she, like O. J. Simpson, will face a civil wrongful death suit. Probably not. First, let’s understand why it… read more

OSHA Comes Down Hard on U.S. Steel for July Explosion

An article in the January 14, 2011 Post Gazette indicates that OSHA has come down quite hard on U.S. Steel in regard to an explosion that occurred at their Clairton Coke Works in July 2010. Our office takes great interest in this because we are representing three of the people seriously burned in that industrial… read more