Gismondi Family Foundation to help provide laptops to Pittsburgh students

The Gismondi Family Foundation is proud to announce their partnership with Neighborhood Allies and Computer Reach to make laptops available to Pittsburgh Public School students.  The program, called “Beyond the Laptops,” is designed to make laptops available to Pittsburgh students who are most in need of these critical educational tools. The focus of the program… read more

The Difference Between NTSB and State Police Investigations

Two major motor vehicle accidents which occurred in the Pittsburgh area in recent days triggered large scale investigations by both the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Pennsylvania State Police.  This article will take an inside look at how the NTSB and the State Police investigate major accidents and will highlight certain of the… read more

John Gismondi serving as local liaison counsel for Essure lawsuits

Attorney John Gismondi serves as local liaison counsel for multiple lawsuits filed against Pittsburgh-based Bayer Corporation, the seller of a contraception device known as Essure which led to a long stream of injuries to women throughout the United States and which was eventually removed from the market by Bayer in 2018. The Essure device was… read more