Medical Malpractice

Never say never

            The federal government has a so-called “never” list of medical mishaps that are just not supposed to happen under any circumstances, hence the name for the list.  Included on there are things such as leaving a foreign object in the belly of someone who has undergone surgery or operating on… read more

New laws in Florida hurt medical malpractice victims

The state of Florida recently passed a pair of laws that hurt patients who have medical malpractice claims. Under one of the new laws, when a patient is hurt by a physician that doctor’s lawyer can go out and talk to the patient’s other doctors without first obtaining the permission of the patient. Many people… read more

Disabled man sues hospital for medical malpractice

When you visit the emergency room in Pennsylvania, you trust that medical professionals will do everything in their power to treat your ailment. In reality, however, physicians make mistakes just like everyone else. Occasionally, these mistakes can lead to costly medical bills, a lifetime of disability, or even death. A 66-year-old man is suing a… read more

Medical malpractice filings drop in Pennsylvania

It was certainly no surprise when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court this week released their latest statistics showing that the number of lawsuits filed against doctors and hospitals continues to drop. Compared to the “base years” of 2000-2012, total filings are down 45%. The decease is due to a variety of factors including changes in… read more

Emergency rooms improve "look" but what about medical care?

Over the past few years, several hospitals in the Pittsburgh area have invested millions of dollars to “spruce up” their emergency rooms. While some of this may be motivated by legitimate need, there is no question that marketing and public relations play a role in improving the atmosphere, emergency rooms are high volume, and… read more