Motor Vehicle Accidents

Trucking Company's Safety Violations

In truck accident cases, we continue to be amazed how frequently large trucking companies fail to adequately monitor their fleet of drivers. The classic situation that comes up too often is a driver who has multiple moving violations, often speeding tickets yet they continue to be put out on the road by the trucking company…. read more

Pennsylvania Highways still dangerous

News reports today indicated that while most states are seeing fewer and fewer deaths on the highways, Pennsylvania was one of the few states that saw deaths rise during the past year. More than 1,300 people died on Pennsylvania highways last year. It is not clear why Pennsylvania was out of step with most other… read more

Vehicle fire leads to death in Plum

A New Kensington man died as a result of a fire in a vehicle over a weekend. The Coroner determined that the cause of death was acute burns and smoke inhalation. Unfortunately, vehicles can often be involved in serious fires because they carry such a large fuel supply. In this case, it is not clear… read more