Victims of fatigued truck drivers have legal protections

Unfortunately, truck drivers are sometimes incentivized not to get enough rest and remain on the road long past when they need rest and sleep. Errors become more common when overtired truck drivers and drivers suffering from truck driver fatigue are on the road. Some truck drivers do not abide by legal hours of service requirements but others do and are still overworked and fatigued.

A truck driver suffering from truck driver fatigue can be a danger on the roadways. Truck driver fatigue can lead to commercial trucks drifting into the wrong lane, following too closely, failing to signal when merging or changing lanes and performing inappropriate driving maneuvers that can all result in serious truck accidents and harm to victims.

A claim for damages against the truck driver, trucking company and their insurance carriers, depending on the circumstances, can help families who have already suffered enough in a truck accident recover damages from the catastrophic injuries and death that can result from truck accidents. It is important to understand how to properly prepare a claim against a negligent truck driver or trucking company which includes reviewing truck logs, interviewing witnesses, obtaining police reports, assessing the truck driver’s record, documenting various aspects of the accident and analyzing different data related to the accident.

Because of the overwhelming impact an unexpected truck accident may have on truck accident victims, it is important they are fairly compensated for the harm they have suffered. A personal injury or wrongful death claim for damages against a negligent or fatigued truck driver can help truck accident victims with the physical, financial and emotional pain and suffering associated with a truck accident.