The right approach in the aftermath of a truck accident

A previous post here discussed some of the dangers posed by truckers and the massive vehicles they drive. Although state and federal regulations aim to curtail the risks potentially posed by negligent acts and omissions from truckers and truck companies, the truth of the matter is that truck accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate. For those who find themselves injured in these wrecks, the aftermath can be a tragic time in their lives. After all, they may have to find a way to cope with extensive pain and suffering, as well as recoup compensation for their economic losses, such as unexpected medical expenses and lost wages.

In an attempt to recover what they are owed, many Pennsylvania residents who find themselves in this situation do their best to get more information about their legal options. At our law firm, we work with our clients to assess a case’s strengths and weaknesses. We will utilize the trial rules and the rules of evidence to our advantage, hopefully leaving our clients well positioned during both settlement negotiations and litigation.

At our law firm, we pursue personal injury claims arising out of truck accidents. We not only use our experience and aggression to attempt to impose liability on negligent truckers, but also to hold accountable the companies that hire these errant drivers.

We also reach deep into our medical resources to ensure we can accurately and appropriately argue the full extent of our clients’ harm. Whether this means assessing the cost of ongoing rehabilitation, surgery or medication, we do our best to ensure that every possible compensatory avenue is thoroughly vetted. In the end, we just want our clients to be made as “whole” as possible after a tragic event in their lives.