Errors during physical therapy procedures alleged

Many medical malpractice claims occur during routine care or surgical procedures rather than during more complicated aspects of care. Medical care providers often do not implement procedures concerning such care and mistakes are made or vital aspects of care are ignored.

A patient diagnosed in a burn center in Pittsburgh with severe burns and gangrene in his hands was then transferred to another facility for follow-up rehabilitative therapy. However, it is now alleged that the facility to which the patient was transferred implemented a physical therapy regimen that did not meet accepted standards. It’s further alleged that the treatment resulted in disfigurement and loss of the use of the hands.

The physical therapy procedures are every bit as vital as any original surgery performed upon the patient. Physical therapists will be working with the patient face-to-face and should thus be vitally aware of any shortcomings in the patient’s progress. If the patient does not progress favorably in his or her treatment, it’s at that point changes in the treatment will need to be made.

The possibility of litigation is one tool that can be used to insure that hospitals are cognizant of patient safety and that these same medical providers implement safety protocol. A medical malpractice lawsuit brought by trained attorney can hold hospitals accountable to at least make certain this type of incident does not occur again.

Mistakes of this kind may not be unusual, but the errors will nevertheless result in unnecessary suffering for the individual that underwent the surgery. Such errors are far too common. Even one mistake during a hospital procedure is too many. This is especially true when the procedure is considered low risk or routine.

Source: Beaver County Times, “Rochester man sues Aliquippa rehab center alleging negligent care,” by Jenny Wagner, Feb. 26, 2012