Lyme disease often misdiagnosed

A Pennsylvania doctor expressed concerns about how Lyme disease is not always being identified properly. This is of particular concern during the summer months, and during a year when the rate of Lyme disease is expected to be quite high. However, since Lyme disease is an extremely common disease with potentially serious consequences, it is extremely important that it is identified early on rather than misidentified due to a misdiagnosis.

It is common for those suffering from Lyme disease to exhibit a rash that looks like a bull’s-eye. However, such a rash is not present in all cases, and doctors need to look towards other symptoms as well to properly diagnose the disease.

The human body is extremely complex, and symptoms of particular diseases are not always obvious. Also, there are often symptoms of one disease that could just as easily fit another syndrome. It is important for doctors to not merely dismiss such symptoms and attribute these to a cold or the flu.

With Lyme disease in particular, there may be any number of vague and confusing symptoms. Though a rash and flu-like symptoms are common to this disease, cognitive impairment and fatigue may also be telltale symptoms that Lyme disease is present.

If you are a patient suffering from Lyme disease that went untreated because of an incorrect diagnosis, you may wish to consult with an attorney experienced in the medical malpractice area. People suffering from Lyme disease may find themselves debilitated for a long period of time and unable to work. Such a long period of convalescence may have been avoided if the disease had been diagnosed correctly.

Source: Private MD Labs, “Lyme disease presents varied symptoms,” May 16, 2012