Pennsylvania child's brain injury possibly due to surgical error

A jury in Pennsylvania recently came back with a $1.1 million concerning a possible surgical error. It’s been claimed that the child suffered a brain injury following a routine sleep apnea procedure. The boy, who was only 11-months old when the surgery took place, reportedly suffers from developmental delay that puts him well behind other children his same age.

The surgical error apparently occurred while a procedure was conducted to remove the boy’s tonsils and adenoids while at the same time inserting ear tubes. The boy experienced breathing problems while still in the recovery room. Nevertheless, the boy was not closely monitored, and he was later found in his hospital bed unable to breath and with no pulse. Though the hospital staff was able to resuscitate the boy, the child unfortunately suffered brain damage.

A jury understandably felt that no injury would have taken place without medical malpractice. The child’s oxygen level was low, and such a low reading should have alerted hospital staff to a possible problem.

Though the jury did come up with what would seem like a substantial verdict, it’s difficult to predict just how much the boy’s injuries from the surgery actually will cost him and his family. It’s for this reason that attorneys representing such clients make every effort to show how much medical treatment because of the reported malpractice will cost, how much will be lost in wages due as the child’s brain injuries will likely make him unable to earn a decent living, and how much care will actually be needed for such a lifetime disability.

No one should be forced to endure brain damage due to a surgical error or medical mistake.

Source:, “Harrisburg-area child awarded $1.1 million in medical malpractice lawsuit,” by David Wenner, June 20, 2012