Hernia surgery eventually results in a brain injury

A woman went into the hospital for hernia surgery, and she came out with a debilitating brain injury. The woman in question was a mother of four children.

The woman’s physical condition deteriorated for approximately three weeks after the surgery took place, and eventually she reached the point where she could not eat or even hold her head up. The infection that she suffered from progressed to the point where internal bleeding resulted, and eventually she also suffered a significant brain injury due to both surgical errors and lack of follow-up care for the patient.

The woman is now in a nursing home where she remains with her eyes closed for most of the day. It is claimed that an initial incision was performed that was not properly closed, that the woman suffered from bed sores that remained untreated, and that little to nothing was done to treat the woman’s infection.

Individuals injured due to medical malpractice may find the advice of an attorney useful in many respects. Such attorneys can advise of options, but can also make an accurate determination as to how such malpractice actually occurred.

This malpractice did not occur in a Pennsylvania hospital, but it is a hospital that has been in the news in recent months due to an organ donor dying at the facility after attempting to donate a kidney. Certain medical facilities are more prone to medical malpractice due to a general sloppiness in the way business is conducted.

Though surgical errors often are responsible for grave damage to patients, the failure to react to such an error can turn a bad circumstance into a tragic one.

Source: New York Post, “Brain damage from Montefiore hernia surgery: suit,” by Dan Mangan, June 12, 2012