Boy's death leads to medical malpractice claim

A lawsuit has been filed alleging medical malpractice that resulted in the death of a 1-year old boy. The boy was taken to the hospital by his mother where he was diagnosed as having a viral infection. Sensing that something else was wrong, the mother took the boy back to the emergency room later that evening.

Though she was told that she was overreacting, the mother insisted that lab tests be ordered – such tests showing that the boy was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis. It was at this point that the IV fluids were administered, but an apparently incorrect administration of IV fluids and insulin infusion led to seizures and irreversible brain injury that ultimately caused the boy’s death.

If what was asserted in the complaint is true, it is not difficult to figure out why the mother has brought this medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit. It’s hard to imagine a hospital explaining away what happened after telling a mother she’s overreacting just shortly before her son dies.

Several errors were reportedly made in the treatment of the boy including a failure to properly diagnose the boy’s condition in the emergency room, a failure of medical staff to listen to what the boy’s mother was telling them, and a number of medication mistakes that ultimately led to the boy’s death.

Whatever the case, difficulties do often arise in the filing of medical malpractice cases, and that’s why it’s a good idea to consult with an attorney experienced in the area. (For example, here, it appears that requests for extension of time were needed to file the complaint because of delays that occurred in obtaining a written opinion from a medical expert.) Yet the filing of such cases – whether in Pennsylvania or elsewhere – is necessary because we cannot allow these kinds of mistakes to occur when patients are being treated.

Source: Sarasota Patch, “Mother Sues Sarasota Memorial Hospital For Son’s Death,” by Charles Schelle, Sep. 29, 2012