Delay in performing Cesarean section results in death of infant

When a medical emergency comes up while a mother is in labor, doctors and staff must act promptly to prevent injuries to the mother and the baby. A failure to act decisively is one of the most common reasons for why birth injuries occur.

In a Midwestern state, this kind of failure ended in disaster as the child born purportedly died in the delivery room. A doctor decided against performing a Cesarean section and instead made an attempt to force the child through the birth canal. It has been reported that efforts at traction by the physician may have been responsible for the decapitation of the child.

The doctor’s procedures are believed to have caused the child’s skull to be separated from the cervical spine. It seems that all of this occurred with both the mother and father of the child looking on.

After the child had already died, the doctor did make an attempt at a Cesarean section, but this may have resulted in more pain and suffering for the mother as it is claimed the mother was not fully sedated when this procedure took place.

This is what medical malpractice happens to be. These are not ordinary mistakes made during routine medical procedures, but instead devastating injuries to patients.

Attorneys experienced in medical malpractice can help injured patients out. These attorneys can differentiate between normal medical practices and medical negligence. These same attorneys can help patients recover from medical providers that injured them.

Whether it’s in Pennsylvania or any other state, the majority of physicians will do whatever is in their power to help their patients out. We can’t group the practices of these physicians in with ones like those of the doctor mentioned above.

Source: Yahoo News, “Newborn’s Decapitation at Birth Prompts Malpractice Lawsuit,” by William Browning, Oct. 12, 2012